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Page Title: Profit Computations
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Profit and Loss Statement (Receipts  Section) - 10287f_155
Ships Serviceman 1 & C - Administration manual for fixing navy boats
Procedures for Ship’s Store Returns
Use  line  C17  to  report  Excess  Profits.  This amount will be the amount on line C25 minus 15 percent of the amount on line C10. The figure you should enter on line C18, Equipment Purchases, will represent the total value of payment notifica- tion   reports   (PNRs)   for   equipment   such   as modernization materials, vending machines, soft ice   cream   machines,   and   remittances   to   con- tractors for amusement machine sales and other services and materials that you have procured as a  direct  charge  to  ship’s  store  profits. Line C19 should contain the total amount of remittances paid to contractors for leased amuse- ment  machines.  The  figure  represents  the  amount that must be forwarded to contractors by means of checks issued from your disbursing officer. The total  amount  of  these  checks  should  be  charged to Ship’s Store Profits, Navy, at the end of each month. The  figures  on  lines  C20  and  C21  represent the  amounts  prescribed  by  NAVRESSO  that  must be repaid toward the loans that were authorized for   your   ship’s   store.   The   balance   at   the beginning  and  ending  of  the  accounting  period should  be  entered  in  the  spaces  provided.  The figure  in  the  space  for  the  Ending  Period  will usually represent the total amount of the loan at the Beginning Period minus the amount entered on  line  C20  (the  monthly  repayment  amount remitted  to  NAVRESSO). Use line C22 to report the total value of the amount entered on the NAVCOMPT 2277s cover- ing  the  funds  that  will  be  transferred  to  the Recreation Fund. The figure for line C23 should represent the sum of lines C10 through C20, and line C22. In other words, line C23 represents Total Expenditures. On  line  C24,  enter  the  amount  of  funds available for transfer to the Recreation Fund. To reach this figure, you must first subtract line C23 (Total  Expenditures)  from  line  C09  (Total Receipts). Next, subtract the figure on line C24A (the   total   amount   of   Liability   Assumed/An- ticipated  Operating  Expenses)  from  the  amount on line C24. You should end up with the amount on  line  C24B.  Line  C24B  represents  the  net amount  of  funds  available  for  transfer  to  the Recreation Fund. Remember, only the difference between  the  amount  from  receipts  you  have reported   on   line   C24   (Funds   Available   for Transfer to the Recreation Fund) and the amount you   have   entered   on   line   C24A   (Liability Assumed/Anticipated  Operating  Expenses)  will represent  the  actual  amount  that  can  be  trans- ferred  to  the  Recreation  Fund  (line  C24B). Profit  Computations For  profit  computations,  the  amount  on  line C25,  Operating  Profit,  should  represent  the amount on line C02 minus the total of lines C10 through C14. Line C26, Cup-Type Drink Vending Machine  Profit,  will  be  the  amount  on  line  C03 minus  the  amount  for  lines  C15  and  C16.  Line C27 is the amount reported on line C04 minus the amount on line C19. This is the actual amusement machine  profit. Certification Statement The ship’s store officer must sign and date the bottom of the  front side of the NAVCOMPT 153 directly under the certification, “I certify that this statement is correct to the best of my knowledge and  belief.” Additional Requirements Whenever applicable to your ship’s store, you must  report  the  following  information  on  the reverse side of the NAVCOMPT 153. See figure 7-6. 1.  Net  gains  and  losses  (as  outlined  in  your NAVSUP  P-487). 2. The amount from sales of traveler’s checks. Use  the  following  format  to  derive  this  figure: Cash   Collected   from   Sales   of   Traveler’s Checks: Face   value   of   checks   and surcharges Ship’s   profit Transmittal  to  vendor Balance  of  checks  on  hand 3. The numbers of days the ship was in port and  the  number  of  days  the  ship  was  at  sea during  the  accounting  period. Distribution of the NAVCOMPT 153 After you are certain that your NAVCOMPT 153 is correct, you must distribute this document as  follows: 1.  Original  and  one  copy  to  the  appropriate FAADC, substantiated as indicated later in this 7-18

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