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Page Title: Vending Machine Supervision
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Statement of Disposition of Cash Sales and Funds Carried Forward
Ships Serviceman 1 & C - Administration manual for fixing navy boats
Cup-type  Drink  Vending  Machine - 10287f_129
VENDING  MACHINE  SUPERVISION In most ships, vending machines area valuable asset  to  any  ship’s  store  operation  because  they generate  a  substantial  part  of  the  ship’s  store profits.   The   high-profit   capability   of   vending machines makes it possible for your ship’s store to sell necessity items with a low markup to the crew. At the same time, you can still obtain the profit   objectives   set   up   by   the   commanding officer.  In  the  cup-type  soft  drink  vending machine, the processing of the syrup, water, and CO2 gas is done by the machine. In the other type of machine, the product—whether it is a canned drink,  candy  bar,  or  package  of  cigarettes— requires no further processing. Consequently, the machines  with  finished  products  are  merely  ex- tensions  of  the  retail  store  operation.  You,  as  a leading Ship’s Serviceman, will be responsible for supervising  the  operation  of  the  vending machines. The areas with which you will be con- cerned  are  discussed  below. MECHANICAL   PROBLEMS Vending machines are usually not built to the standards   of   most   shipboard   equipment.   The erratic   movement   of   some   ships   may   trigger mechanical  problems  in  some  types  of  vending machines.   The   usual   abuse   inflicted   on   the machines by irate patrons will also contribute to mechanical failure. When you are supervising the operation  of  vending  machines,  you  can  expect a certain amount of mechanical failure to occur. Whenever your machines need repairing, you can procure the services you need through a com- mercial  or  Navy  exchange  repair  service.  You must  use  an  Order  for  Supplies  or  Services/Re- quest for Quotations (DD 1155) to procure these services.  The  services  should  be  a  direct  charge to  Ship’s  Store  Profits,  Navy  (SSPN),  functional account  75400. On  some  ships,  you  may  find  vending  machine repair parts already in stock. On the other hand, because  of  the  variety  of  problems  suffered  by vending  machines  aboard  ship,  you  may  not  be able  to  anticipate  all  the  repair  parts  your machines will need. The vending machine parts your ship should carry in stock are coin changers, name labels, and bulbs. You should rely upon the repair  service  representative  to  furnish  items  such as  springs,  latches,  bolts,  and  nuts. Although you may have a wealth of technical talent in the personnel aboard your ship, you will have  no  guarantee  that  even  one  of  your  members will be able to repair a broken vending machine. Some  of  the  soda  contractors  for  soda  vending machines  may  be  aware  of  your  need  to  have trained  people  on  hand.  For  this  reason,  some contractors   will   occasionally   hold   vending machine  repair  schools  in  various  home  ports.  The NAVRESSO fleet assistance team in your area will announce  when  these  schools  are  available.  Try to  schedule  your  Ship’s  Serviceman  in  charge  of vending machines for these training sessions. Most of the repair parts representatives at the sessions will furnish a list of common items you will need. SERVICING  PROBLEMS Servicing your vending machines will be a con- tinuous problem. To maintain sales volume, you must keep the machines clean and supplied at all times.  The  frequency  of  refilling  will  depend  on the number of machines you have on board and the  size  of  the  crew. Besides  keeping  the  machines  supplied,  you must  see  that  certain  cleanliness  standards  are maintained. For example, if you happen to have a cup-type vending machine as part of your ship’s store operation, you should warn the operator to be careful when the machine is being filled. Any syrup  that  is  spilled  in  the  process  will  soon attract  insects.  Daily  cleaning  of  the  cup-drop  will keep insects away and will help you to maintain an  attractive  and  sanitary  appearance  for  your customers. When the ship is underway, you may notice  a  slight  spilling  when  the  drinks  are dispensed. Do not worry about this. This type of spillage  is  normal  aboard  ship  and  will  drain into  a  container  on  the  bottom  of  the  machine. VENDING  MACHINE  COST CONTROLS If  you  are  the  appointed  collection  agent  or if  you  are  supervising  the  overall  operation  of vending  machines  aboard  your  ship,  you  must oversee  the  collection  of  cash  from  vending machine sales. The cash collection procedures for vending machine sales are similar to those used for the retail store. However, you must record all cash from vending machine sales separately from sales made in the retail store and from those made in the fountain. The information below will pro- vide  you  with  some  general  guidelines.  You  should always consult the NAVSUP P-487 for details on the   currently   recommended   cost   control   pro- cedures  you  must  follow  in  the  supervision  of vending  machine  operations. 6-18

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