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Page Title: Officer Fitness Reports
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Officer Service Record
Naval Orientation - Military manual for administrative purposes
Report  on  the  Fitness  of  Officers
brown  manila  file  folder  containing  information in a format similar to that in the enlisted service record. For the active-duty officer, the service record is maintained by the activity to which the person is attached. For inactive-duty officers and retired officers, the   responsibility   for   maintenance   of   service records  depends  on  whether  the  officers  are  partic- ipating in inactive-duty training. For those not par- ticipating (that is, not having orders for any type of inactive-duty training), the records are main- tained  by  the  Commanding  Officer,  Naval  Re- serve Personnel Center, New Orleans, Louisiana. The officer service record is designed to pro- vide a ready file of documents that may be used for billet assignment and other administrative pur- poses. It may also be used to establish facts, when necessary,  regarding  an  officer’s  naval  service. The  right  side  of  the  record  is  reserved  for documents  affecting  utilization  and  assignment of the officer concerned. The left side is used for information   primarily   related   to   the   officer’s present  tour  of  active  duty.  Accordingly,  some items  filed  on  the  left  side  are  removed  from the  folder  when  the  officer  is  transferred. Miscellaneous   documents   not   pertaining   to either  of  the  above  categories,  but  establishing significant  facts  relating  to  the  officer’s  service, are  also  filed  on  the  left  side. The  Naval   Military   Personnel   Command Manual   (MILPERSMAN)   gives  a  list  of  the documents to be filed on each side and the order of  filing. OFFICER  FITNESS  REPORTS Fitness  reports  form  one  of  the  most  impor- tant   documents   of   an   officer’s   record.   They provide  a  record  of  the  duty  performed  and  the manner  of  performance  as  well  as  the  officer’s professional  qualifications  and  commendations. These   reports   provide   a   record   of   censorious matter,  disciplinary  action,  and  any  special qualifications and personal characteristics of the officer. The fitness report also records an officer’s general state of health and endurance as it affects the  officer’s  value  to  the  naval  service. Fitness  reports  are  the  primary  instrument  by which  the  best  qualified  officers  are  promoted. They are also the primary instrument by which officers  with  the  particular  qualifications  required are  chosen  to  fill  responsible  positions  in  the military   establishment.   In   addition,   they   are used  as  evidence  before  courts-martial  and  in connection  with  disciplinary  action  of  a  lesser degree. Each report should be a frank, accurate, and   comprehensive   evaluation   of   the   officer’s characteristics  and  performance. Because  of  the  importance  of  these  reports, all officers should become familiar with both the form  and  the  instructions  concerning  its  use. NAVPERS   1611/1   (fig.   3-5)   is   the   optical character   recognition   (OCR)   form   on   which fitness  reports  are  submitted.  Specific  instructions for completing the form are issued by BUPERS. We   mentioned   earlier   that   access   to   an officer’s record in BUPERS may be granted to the officer  concerned  or  to  a  representative  designated by  the  officer.  When  in  Washington,  D.C.,  all officers should take advantage of the opportunity to  visit  the  Records  Review  Room  in  BUPERS. They  can  then  review  their  record  to  ensure  no fitness  reports  are  missing.  If  reports  are  missing, officers can request that those fitness reports be submitted  before  the  next  selection  board.  By reviewing  their  record,  officers  can  also  determine whether,  in  the  opinion  of  successive  reporting seniors, some aspect of their professional ability or qualifications has declined. Officers may then have  the  opportunity  to  take  remedial  action (engage  in  self-improvement). All  superiors  exercising  command  functions are responsible for completing fitness reports on all officers who have reported to them for duty. This must be done based on orders issued by the Secretary   of   the   Navy,   the   Chief   of   Naval Personnel,  or  others  authorized  to  issue  such orders. Reports  of  fitness  on  Regular  and  Reserve officers  on  active  duty  are  submitted  at  least annually  based  on  a  schedule  published  by  the Chief   of   Naval   Personnel.   Reserve   officers involved   in   training   and   administration   of Reserves (TARs) on extended duty, who compete among  themselves  for  promotion,  have  a  different submission  schedule. Reports  of  fitness  on  Reserve  officers  who perform  active-duty  for  training  are  submitted  on NAVPERS 1611/1 directly to the Chief of Naval Personnel.  The  commanding  officer  of  the  ship or  station  where  the  officer  performs  the  active duty is responsible for submitting the report. The occasion  for  such  reports  is  “detachment  of officer.” Most scheduled submission dates are approx- imately 3 months before the usual convening dates of   applicable   selection   boards.   This   schedule provides each board with the latest performance evaluations.  The  more  frequent  submission  of reports for junior officers is required to speed up 3-8

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