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Page Title: Confedential Matter
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Material in Your Record
Useful Information for Newly Commissioned Officers
Fitness Reports
contemplated, such as promotion, assignment to duty, special   details,   trial   by   general   court-martial,   or disciplinary   action. Your   record   is   of   particular importance in selections for promotion to the higher grades.     In  furnishing  the  material  for  your  record, you are daily adding to evidence of your personal and professional  reputation  in  the  service.     Anonymous communications  are  not  made  a  part  of  an  officer’s record. CONFIDENTIAL MATTER The  Head,  Military  Records  Branch,  Bureau  of Naval   Personnel,   maintains   files   of   classified correspondence  from  any  source  pertaining  to  an officer.  The files of the majority of officers contain no classified matter. Material  of  an  unfavorable  nature  is  referred  to the officer concerned before being filed.  The Chief of Naval Personnel must authorize access to an officer’s classified  file  by  other  than  the  officer  concerned. This   restricted   access   safeguards   the   officer’s interests   and   preserves   the   security   of   certain categories of information. WHO MAY SEE YOUR RECORD Access to an officer’s record normally is limited to the following people: The officer An   agent   or   representative   of   the   officer specifically authorized in writing Personnel who are required to review military service   records   in   the   performance   of   their official duties Duly convened boards of the Department of the Navy Personnel   authorized   by   courts-martial proceedings Personnel  authorized  by  a  court  order  signed by a judge Should you see your record?   Yes, by all means. You   may   personally   review   your   record   in   the BUPERS Record Review Room (Pers-312D), Room 3036, of the Navy Annex.  Also, you may specifically authorize   in  writing   another  person  to  review  your record for you. Normally  the  receptionist  at  the  Record  Review Room requires about 45 minutes to provide a record for  review.    You  can  save  time  by  calling  ahead  to (703)  614-2858  or  DSN  224-2858  or  224-1315  to request that your record be drawn before your arrival. Be sure everything required is in your record.  See that  it  gives  a  consistent,  uninterrupted  account  of your naval service.   Ensure all awards, citations, and fitness reports are present. Next,   try   to   look   over   the   record   objectively. Consider   that   you   are   a   stranger   evaluating   the individual   reflected   by   the   files. How   does   this person  look  to  other  people?    What  are  the  person’s strengths and weaknesses?    What should this person do   to   improve   professionally? Can   you   outline   a program for this person to follow?  Your record can be an invaluable guide toward your future conduct in the Navy. In   addition   to   your   field   service   record (NAVPERS  1070/66),  you  are  urged  to  maintain  a personal file.   It should contain copies of originals of all  orders,  endorsements,  official  letters  received, travel   reimbursements,   and   any   other   documents likely to be important for future reference. You may have a copy of your microfiche record sent to you by writing to the Commander, Bureau of Naval Personnel (ATTN:  Pers-312), Washington, DC 20370-5312.    Your handwritten signature and Social Security number (SSN) are required. PRIVACY ACT Your   record   is   protected   by   the   Privacy   Act. Under  the  provisions  of  SECNAVINST  5211.5,  any forms  that  solicit  personal  information  covered  by this   act   must   contain   or   be   accompanied   by   a statement explaining the authority for, the use of, and the consequences of disclosing the information. OFFICER QUALIFICATION QUESTIONNAIRE Information  recorded  in  automated  master  files concerning an officer’s skills and experiences is taken from   the   Officer   Qualification   Questionnaire (NAVPERS  1210/5).    Officers  should  complete  this questionnaire  at  the  time  of  initial  appointment  to officer status.   The disposition of the questionnaire is as follows: The   NAVPERS   1210/5   for   newly   com- missioned officers reporting to duty or active duty, as appropriate,   is   forwarded   to   the   Bureau   of   Naval Personnel for filing in the officer’s service record. The   NAVPERS   1210/5   for   newly   com- missioned officers reporting to inactive duty shall be 4-3

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