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Page Title: Dental Care for Dependents
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Uniformed Services Health Benefits
Useful Information for Newly Commissioned Officers
Veterance Group Life Insurance (VGLI)
who   become   entitled   (at   any   age)   to   hospital insurance benefits under Medicare Hospital Insurance (Medicare Part “A”) lose their eligibility for all types of civilian care under CHAMPUS.   Such individuals retain   eligibility   for   care   in   uniformed   services facilities, however, even after age 65. Nonavailability Statements Dependents  of  active-duty  members  who  reside with   their   sponsors   must   use   uniformed   services facilities for their inpatient medical care if a facility capable of providing the appropriate care is available in the area in which they reside.  CHAMPUS will pay for civilian inpatient care costs for such persons only if a certificate indicating the care was not available at the facility is submitted with the CHAMPUS claim or if the care was provided in an emergency. Medical Care for Parents or Parents-In-Law Under   certain   circumstances   the   parents   or parents-in-law   of   active-duty   or   retired   (with   pay) service  members  are  eligible  for  medical  care  from uniformed   services   facilities. At   the   time   of   the member’s  death,  the  parents  or  parents-in-law  must be, or must have been, dependent on the member for over   one-half   of   their   support   and   residing   in   a dwelling   provided   or   maintained   by   the   service member. Maternity Care in Civilian Facilities For  the  most  current  information  on  dependent maternity   care   in   civilian   facilities,   consult   the CHAMPUS  Handbook.     Health  benefits  advisers  at military  medical  facilities  can  provide  you  with  a copy of this handbook. HEALTH CARE COVERAGE UPON SEPARATION Upon  your  release  from  active  duty,  you  can enroll  in  the  United  Services  Voluntary  Insurance Program  (USVIP).     This  health  insurance  program covers  you,  your  spouse,  and  your  children.     Your personnel office will have details on this program. DENTAL CARE FOR DEPENDENTS Your  family  is  eligible  for  dental  care  from  any uniformed service dental facility on a space-available or  emergency  basis.  Availability  depends  upon  such factors  as  the  physical  capacity  of  the  dental  clinic, the  number  of  active-duty  members  the  clinic  must support,   the   staff   assigned   to   the   clinic,   and   the amount  of  dependents  and  retirees  requesting  care. Overseas   dental   facilities   are   normally   staffed   to provide   primary   dental   care   to   dependents   who accompany their military sponsors.   Stateside clinics, however,  are  staffed  only  to  meet  the  needs  of  the active-duty population. To  address  this  lack  of  stateside  coverage,  the uniformed services offer the active-duty Dependents Dental Plan (DDP).  Participation in the plan, which is administered by a civilian contractor and supervised by the Office of CHAMPUS, is voluntary.   The plan provides basic dental benefits to spouses and children of active-duty personnel.   Dependents enrolled in this plan  may  go  to  any  licensed  civilian  dentist. The government  pays  most  of  the  program’s  cost.     The service  member’s  share  of  the  monthly  premium  is $5.20  for  one  dependent  or  $10.00  for  two  or  more dependents. If   the   DDP   beneficiary   uses   a participating   dentist,   all   covered   diagnostic   and preventive   services   are   free. A  member   pays   20 percent  of  the  cost  for  covered  restorative  services, such as fillings.    You can get additional information on DDP benefits from your Health Benefits Adviser. LIFE INSURANCE The advantages of a sound life insurance program for  naval  officers  are  many  and  unquestioned,  but some bear repeating to ensure you know about them. SERVICEMEN’S GROUP LIFE INSURANCE (SGLI) Public   Laws   98-289   and   97-66   provide   the Servicemen’s  Group  Life  Insurance  Program. The program provides a $100,000 insurance policy on the life  of  every  active-duty  member  of  the  uniformed services  subject  to  a  call  to  active  duty  or  to  orders that do not specify a period of 30 days or less.  A small amount   of   money   is   automatically   deducted   from each member’s pay to cover a portion of the premium. The  service  concerned  pays  the  remaining  premium cost. A  member   may   elect   to   submit   SGLI-8286 requesting coverage in any $5,000 increments below $100,000 or choose not to be covered. Under   SGLI   each   member   may   elect   any person(s)   or   entity(ies)   as   beneficiary(ies)   for   the insurance proceeds.  Each member may also elect that the insurance proceeds be paid in a lump sum or 36 4-10

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