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Page Title: Pay for Travel of Dependents
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Travel Expenses
Useful Information for Newly Commissioned Officers
Travel, Proceed, and Leave Time—Continued
the  costs  by  the  most  direct,  usually  traveled  route from your old station to your new station. For their own transportation, Academy graduates have  a  special  entitlement  for  the  distance  actually traveled  under  such  orders.    This  distance  is  not  to exceed the official distance from their homes or from Annapolis,  as  may  be  designated  in  their  orders,  to their first duty station (temporary or permanent). If you contemplate leaving the continental United States   (CONUS),   consult   BUPERSINST  1050.11 entry requirements and specific travel information on foreign countries.  This instruction also lists countries that  require  specific  entry  approval  of  the  Chief  of Naval  Personnel.     Officers  planning  to  travel  with dependents should be aware that the requirements for civilians   are   not   necessarily   the   same   as   those prescribed for military personnel. PAY FOR TRAVEL OF DEPENDENTS If   you   have   dependents,   be   sure   to   see   the disbursing   officer   or   transportation   officer   before making travel plans. When   moving   dependents,   Academy   graduates have certain entitlements in addition to those given to other   newly   commissioned   officers. These entitlements  are  briefly  explained  in  the  following paragraphs and in table 2-2. · You are entitled to advance travel pay for your dependents  and  yourself.     To  get  this  advance,  you must provide your disbursing office a copy of page 2 (Record of Emergency Data) of your service record. If the Navy furnishes transportation, your dependents will    normally    be    given    either    government transportation or a transportation request.  You can get a  dislocation  allowance  (DLA)  on  your  first  move ONLY if you have prior enlisted service.  The purpose of a dislocation allowance is to partially reimburse a member,  with  or  without  dependents,  for  expenses incurred   in   the   relocation   of   a   household. This allowance  is  provided  upon  a  permanent  change  of station or incident to an evacuation.   DLA is paid in addition to all other authorized allowances. · Travel   performed   in   advance   of   receipt   of orders   or   official   notification   that   orders   are forthcoming will  not  be paid for.   Suppose you hear that you are going to be sent to Norfolk.   Your family rushes on ahead of you to find a good place to live. Sometime   later   you   actually   receive   the   orders sending you to Norfolk.  Your way will be paid, but no reimbursement   will be   made   for   the   travel   your family  has  already  performed. Had  you  too  gone ahead  without  waiting  for  orders,  your  travel  would not be paid either. · Only the official distance traveled between any two authorized points will count for transportation in kind or for reimbursement. · If   you   are   a   graduate   of   officer   training programs  other  than  the  Academy,  your  dependents are  authorized  to  travel  from  your  old  station  (or  in certain cases from your home) to your new station. · If   you   are   an   Academy   graduate,   when commissioned  and  ordered  to  active  duty,  you  are entitled   to   transportation   of   your   dependents   at government  expense.    The  government  will  pay  for travel performed by your dependents incident to such orders.   However, travel is not to exceed entitlement from  the  farther  point,  home  of  record,  or  service academy to your permanent station.   Travel is not to exceed   this   entitlement   irrespective   of   the   point designated in your orders (service academy or home of  record)  from  which  your  travel  is  directed  to  be performed. When   dependents   are   acquired subsequent to the date of your departure (detachment) from a service academy incident to active-duty orders but on or before the effective date of your orders, you will be entitled to transportation of your dependents at government  expense.    The  government  will  pay  for travel   performed   by   your   dependents   to   your   new duty station from one of the following locations: 1.   Your home of record. 2.   The service academy. 3.   The   place   where   your   dependents   are acquired,  not  to  exceed  entitlement  from  the  farther point,  home  of  record,  or  service  academy  to  your new permanent station.    However, in the event your dependents’  travel   from   the   place   acquired   to   the home   of   record   or   service   academy   before   the effective date of active-duty orders, the place named in  subparagraphs  1  or  2  above,  as  appropriate,  will apply.   Such entitlement is without regard to whether temporary duty is directed or performed en route. · Monetary  allowances  in  lieu  of  transportation in kind may be substituted for dependent travel.   This allowance   is   paid   either   as   an   advance   or   upon submission of a claim after completion of the actual travel, provided (1) dependent travel began after your 2-10

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