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Page Title: Saluting Aboard Ship
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Chapter 5 Customs of the Service
Useful Information for Newly Commissioned Officers
Relations Between Senior Officers and Junior Oficers
sir/ma’am?” The   senior   returns   the   salute, answering  “Carry  on”  or  “Very  well.”     Then end the salute. SALUTING ABOARD SHIP The following rules pertain to saluting when you board or leave a ship: When boarding a ship that is flying the national ensign, stop on reaching the upper platform of the   accommodation   ladder   or   the   shipboard end of the brow, face the national ensign, and salute;   then,   salute   the   officer   of   the   deck (OOD). When leaving the ship, salute in reverse order; first   to   the   OOD   and   then   to   the   national ensign. When   wearing   civilian   dress   with   a   hat, remove  the  hat  when  boarding  and  leaving  a ship. When boarding and leaving foreign ships, the same rules apply as for American ships. The following rules apply to saluting aboard ship: Aboard   Navy   ships   juniors   salute   all   flag officers  (officers  above  the  grade  of  captain), the  commanding  officer,  and  visiting  officers senior   to   themselves   on   every   occasion   of meeting, passing near, or being addressed. On   the   first   daily   meeting,   salute   all   senior officers who are attached to the ship. Salute whenever addressing or being addressed by seniors. Salute   inspecting   officers   during   official inspections. SALUTING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM The  following  guidelines  pertain  to  saluting  the national anthem: STAND AT ATTENTION. FACE THE APPROPRIATE DIRECTION AS FOLLOWS: 1.   Face the national ensign if displayed during the playing of the national anthem. 2.   Face the music when the national anthem is played   and   the   national   ensign   is   not displayed. SALUTE IN THE APPROPRIATE MANNER AS FOLLOWS: 1.   If  in  uniform  and  wearing  the  headgear, salute at the first note of the anthem.   End the salute on the last note. 2.   If  not  in  uniform  and  wearing  headgear, remove the headgear at the first note of the anthem;  hold  the  headgear  over  the  heart until   the   last   note   of   the   anthem. (In inclement   weather,   raising   the   headgear slightly over the head is permitted.) 3.   If not in uniform and not wearing headgear, place the right hand over the heart. 4.   If in an automobile and within sight of the displaying of the national ensign or within hearing distance when the national anthem is played, stop the car and sit at attention. Remain at attention until the last note of the anthem is played or the display ceremony is over. HEADGEAR Your headgear (cap—sometimes referred to as a hat or cover) is an integral part of your uniform.   The following guidelines from Navy     Uniform Regulations, NAVPERS 15665, apply to the wearing of headgear: GENERAL 1.   You  need  not  wear  uniform  headgear  on ships at sea outside harbor limits, except on specific watches  specified  by  the  commanding  officer.    The commanding officer may also specify the wearing of headgear at sea on ceremonial occasions. 2.   Wear   uniform   headgear   in   port,   unless prevented by safety precautions. 3.   Outdoors,   remain   covered   at   all   times except during a religious service not associated with a military   ceremony   or   unless   ordered   to   uncover. Remain covered during invocations or other religious military  ceremonies  such  as  changes  of  command, ships’ commissionings  and  launchings,  and  military burials.    Chaplains  conducting  religious  ceremonies will  guide  participants  following  the  customs  of  the church. 5-2

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