Quantcast Shipment Authorized by Permanent Change of Station Orders

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Page Title: Shipment Authorized by Permanent Change of Station Orders
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Transportation and Storage of Personal Property
Useful Information for Newly Commissioned Officers
Move Yourself
SHIPMENTS AUTHORIZED BY PERMANENT CHANGE OF STATION ORDERS If  you  have  permanent  change  of  station  (PCS) orders,   you   may   ship   your   authorized   weight allowance of household goods between your old and new   permanent   duty   station. You   may   make shipments   from   or   to   places   other   than   your   duty stations.  However, with some exceptions, you will be limited   (based   on   cost)   to   the   cost   of   a   regular shipment between your old and new permanent duty station. You   are   eligible   for   90   days’  temporary storage at government expense, incident to shipment. In  some  cases,  because  of  conditions  beyond  your control, you may be eligible for an additional 90 days’ storage.  You must submit a request for this additional 90 days in writing to the local transportation officer. You   must   provide   detailed   justification   in   your request. Your  commanding  officer  can  authorize storage beyond 180 days in certain circumstances. SPECIAL PRIVILEGES Overseas   duty,   sea   duty,   and   temporary   duty orders   entitle   you   to   special   privileges. These privileges are explained in the following paragraphs. Overseas Duty You   may   have   your   authorized   PCS   weight allowance   of   household   goods   shipped   to   your overseas station (if not in a restricted area and if you have been granted entry approval) or to any selected point in the United States.   If your duty station is not in   a   restricted   area,   shipment   to   a   selected   point precludes  further  shipment  under  the  same  orders. The  transportation  officer  will  explain  to  you  what special privileges are extended to you when military restrictions apply at your new duty station.   If you do not  wish  your  household  goods  shipped,  have  them stored at government expense for the full time you are overseas. Such   nontemporary   storage   generally precludes shipment under the same set of orders. Sea Duty If you receive PCS orders to duty aboard a ship, you  may  have  your  household  goods  moved  to  the home   port   of   the   ship   or   to   any   designated   point within CONUS not to exceed the cost of shipment to the  home  port. If  your  orders  indicate  “unusually arduous duty” or if the unit is listed in SECNAVINST 4650.19 or OPNAVINST 4600.16, cost of shipment to a   designated   location   is   not   limited   to   cost   of shipment to the home port. If you do not wish your goods shipped, you may have  them  placed  in  nontemporary  storage  for  the duration  of  your  tour  of  sea  duty. Suppose  you receive    PCS    orders    in    connection    with    the reactivation, building, fitting out, or conversion of a ship.  You may ship household goods to the fitting out or building point with the right of reshipment to the ship’s ultimate home port incident to your receipt of PCS orders to the ship when it is commissioned.  This privilege is not extended to temporary duty orders. Temporary Duty Orders Temporary duty orders, including temporary duty at  the  Naval  Academy,  authorize  you  to  ship  your temporary   weight   allowance   of   household   goods. You may ship them (1) from your permanent to your temporary station; (2) between temporary stations; or (3)   from   your   last   temporary   station   to   your   old permanent station, provided a new permanent station has not been assigned; otherwise, they will be shipped to   the   new   permanent   station. If   you   receive temporary   orders   in   connection   with   the   building, fitting  out,  conversion,  or  reactivation  of  a  ship  and your  orders  specify  duty  aboard  that  ship  when  it  is commissioned, you may have your permanent weight allowance of household goods shipped to a designated point within CONUS.   However, the cost of shipment to that point must not exceed the cost of shipment to the  building,  fitting-out,  conversion,  or  reactivation point.   That, though, precludes further shipment upon commissioning  of  the  ship  and  the  assignment  of  a home port and home yard.   Temporary duty orders in connection  with  building,  fitting  out,  conversion,  or reactivation   of   a   ship   often   involve   only   a   short period. Therefore,  we  recommend  you  place  your household goods in authorized nontemporary storage at the point of origin pending shipment to the home port   or   home   yard   when   assigned. See   your transportation  officer  about  your  entitlement  under these types of orders. CAUTION IN MOVING If you have plans for buying a mobile home, make NO shipments until you consult the nearest Personal Property  Office.    One  wrong  shipment  may  prevent your receiving any allowance for movement of your mobile  home.    Also,  before  you  buy,  be  certain  the 4-16

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