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Page Title: Assignment 1: 11 - 21
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Assignment 1: 1 -10
Disbursing Clerk 1 & C - Military manual for administrative purposes
Assignment 1: 22 - 30
1-11. 1-12. 1-13. 1-14. 1-15. 1-16. The disbursing officer receives and disburses official funds by order of,    or on authority of, which of the  following  officials? 1. Treasurer of the U.S. 2. Director, DFAS-HQ 3. Commanding   officer 4. Director, DFAS-CL A disbursing officer activates a new disbursing office. Which of the following information is NOT included in the letter report sent to DFAS-CL? 1. Symbol number assigned 2. Opening date of the account 3. Name of the activity 4. Name of the FIPC to which the financial  returns  will  be submitted Which of the following is the appointing document for a deputy disbursing   officer? 1. A formal letter of appointment from the disbursing officer 2. A NAVCOMPT 195 Power of Attorney” 3. A formal letter of appointment from  the  comanding  officer 4. A TFS 5583 Signature Card An agent cashier is appointed by a formal  letter  from  the  disbursing officer. The original of the letter will be held by which of the following   individuals? 1. The  disbursing  officer 2. The commanding officer 3. The agent cashier appointed 4. Director, DFAS-CL Which of the following duties may NOT be assigned to an agent cashier? 1. Cashing  checks 2. Signing  Treasury  checks 3. Preparing  financial  documents 4. Making  cash  collections Which  of  the  following  officials may approve the change of the official signature used by a disbursing  officer  for  all  business relating to his or her symbol number? 1. The  commanding  officer 2. Treasurer of the U.S. 3. Director, DFAS-CL 4. Director, DFAS-HQ 1-17. 1-18. 1-19. 1-20. 1-21. Which of the following positions require  approval  from  DFAS-CL before  being  established? 1. Agent cashier only 2. Agent cashier and deputy 3. Deputy only 4. Deputy and imprest fund cashier Disbursing  officers  are  accountable for  erroneous  payments  or  errors  in their  accounts  and  records  even though the errors were caused by deputies or other agents. 1. True 2. False A commanding officer orders a disbursing  officer  to  make  a payment that the disbursing officer believes is contrary to law or current  regulations. Which of the following  is  the  correct  action  for the  disbursing  officer  to  take? 1. Make the payment without protest 2. Refuse  to  make  the  payment 3. Request the commanding   officer to put the order in writing 4. Make the payment and attach a memorandum for the record detailing  the  circumstances Normally,  a  disbursing  officer  will be relieved by an incoming disbursing  officer  on  which  of  the following  occasions? 1. The last day of the month 2. The first day of the month 3. At the end of any payday 4. When  the  incoming  disbursing officer feels he or she is completely  ready  to  assume  the duties Which  of  the  following  statements concerning  the  appointment  of  a deputy  disbursing  officer  is  true? 1. It must be revoked by letter 2. It  is  automatically  revoked without  action  when  a disbursing officer is relieved 3. It  is  automatically  revoked  30 days  before  the  deputy’s transfer  on  orders 4. It may only be revoked upon the approval  of  the  commanding officer 2

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