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Page Title: Assignment 2: 62 - 69
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Assignment 2: 53 - 61
Disbursing Clerk 1 & C - Military manual for administrative purposes
Assignment 2: 70 - 75
2-62. Jack Frost lost his ticket for onward  transportation  issued  on  his orders. Any transportation furnished  will  be  funded  using which  of  the  following  methods? expenses incurred in connection 1. Charged  to  the  appropriation  on   the orders suject to reimbursement by an offsetting checkage  of  his  pay  account 2. Charged  to  the  appropriation  on the  orders  subject  to reimbursement from the carrier for  the  unused  ticket   Charged to his pay account only 3. Charged to the appropriation on   4.  the orders only 2-63. The maximum reimbursement for recruiters for actual and necessary with their duties is normally what maximum amount? . 1. $25 2. $50 3. $75 4. $100 2-64. When a member has deferred COT leave,  the  travel  must  be  performed before the expiration of what time limit? 1. 6 month within reporting to the new PDS 2. 12  months  within  reporting  to the new PDS 3. 24  months  within  reporting  to the new PDS 4. Anytime prior to transfer from the new PDS 2-65. Dependents who are entitled to COT travel must perform the travel at the same time as the member. 1. True 2. False 2-66. A  dependent  traveling  for  medical treatment  between  locations  outside CONUS  requires  a  nonmedical attendant. The  nonmedical attendant is not a military or government  employee. How will the attendant be reimbursed for expenses   incurred? 1. Paid at the regular military temporary  duty  rate 2. Paid at the regular U.S. Government civilian temporary duty  rate 3. Paid the full per diem rate for the area concerned 4. Paid  actual  expenses  not  to exceed the full per diem rate for  the  area  concerned 2-67. A member is permanently  assigned to a  ship  that  is  undergoing  overhaul at a place other than the home port of the ship. The ship enters overhaul on 16 February. On which of the following dates would the member accrue entitlement to transportation back to the home port of the ship? 1.  16 March 2. 17 March 3. 18 March 4. 19 March 2-68. Which of the following statements concerning  travel  entitlements based upon a ship undergoing overhaul at a port other than home port is NOT true? 1. Any  entitlement not used before earning  another  entitlement  is lost 2. When two or more members travel together by privately owned conveyance,  only  the  operator is  entitled  to  any  allowances 3. Reimbursement for personally procured  transportation  may  not exceed the cost of government procured   commercial transportation 4. The amount paid for all dependents may not exceed the ammount allowed for the member alone 2-69. For which of the following cases is per diem and transportation allowances   payable? 1. Member traveling on permissive travel  orderm 2. Member traveling to meet ship in  Mayport,   Florida, which unexpectedly deployed from Norfolk, Virginia, while members was on authorized leave in New York 3. Return to overseas duty station when  no-cost  trenmportation  is not  available 4. Attendance at a public ceremony where the sponsoring agency bears  the  expenses 15

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