Quantcast Assignment 3: 55 - 65

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Page Title: Assignment 3: 55 - 65
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Assignment 3: 44 - 54
Disbursing Clerk 1 & C - Military manual for administrative purposes
Assignment 4: 1 - 9 - 14061_205
3-55. Where on a check should the legend exchange-for-cash remittance be placed? 1. As part of the payee information 2. Centered l cross the top border 3. As the object for which drawn 4. It is not required 3-56. To which of the following personnel may an exchange-for-cash disbursement check NOT be made payable? 1. The disbursing officer 2. The commanding officer 3. A deputy disbursing officer 4. An agent cashier 3-57. A disbursing officer is obtaining funds  by  means  of  an  exchange-for- cash  disbursement  check. The  check will be made payable to which of the following individuals or agencies? 1. The disbursing officer 2. The bank providing the funds 3. Treasurer of the U.S. 4. DFAS-CL 3-58. All Treasury checks that have not been cashed within 1 year of the date of issue are automatically canceled by the Treasury during which of the following time periods? 1. During the 12th month after the date of the check 2. During the 13th month after the date of the check 3. During the 14th month after the date of the check 4. During the 15th month after the date of issue 3-59. A payee presents a check that is more than 1 year old to the disbursing  officer. What should be done  with  the  original  check? 1. Returned  to  the  payee 2. Destroyed immediately 3. Canceled  and  deposited 4. Annotated as canceled under limited  payability  and  retained with  replacement  check documentation 3-60. A disbursing officer submitting check issue data to Treasury via magnetic  tape  will  submit  the  tapes no later than how many days after the end of the month? 1. 1 2. 2 3. 3 4. 4 3-61. The SF 1179 is a summarization of the checks issued during an accounting period by which of the following   categories? 1. Serial number only 2. Amount only 3. Serial  number  and  amount  only 4. Serial number,   amount, and date of  issue 3-62. Which  of  the  following  documents  is NOT included as part of the monthly checking  account  returns? 1. Statement  of  destruction  of spoiled  checks 2. Statement  of  destruction  of voided  checks 3. SF 1179 4. OF 1017-G 3-63. During  reconciliation  of  checks issued by the Treasury, a discrepancy  of  which  of  the following  amounts  would  generate  a TFS 5206? 1. $ .26 2. $ .51 3. $ .76 4. $1.01 3-64. Which  of  the  following  forms  would a disbursing officer use to correct a  check  issue  discrepancy? 1. SF 1034 or DD 1131 2. SF 1080 or SF 1081 3. SF 1184 or SF 1186 4. TFS 3023 or TFS 3510 3-65. Reconciliation statements and outstanding  check  lists  are generated by the Treasury and sent to  disbursing  officers  monthly. 1. True 2. False 22

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