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Page Title: Assignment 5: 11 - 24
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Assignment 5: 1 - 11
Disbursing Clerk 1 & C - Military manual for administrative purposes
Assignment 5: 25 - 35
5-12. 5-13. 5-14. Which of the following DD forms is used as a covering transmittal for the DD 2665 submitted by an agent cashier  to  the  disbursing  officer? 1. 1081 2. 2567 3. 2657 4. 2666 Disbursing officers aboard ship balance all deputies at all except which of the following times? 1. The first day of each month 2. Immediately after each payday 3. Immediately before each payday 4. The last day of each month Which of the followinq forms summarizes the amounts the Treasury expects to recover from the disbursing officer if the disbursing officer ceases to function  operations  on  that  day? 1. SF 1219 2. DD  2657 3. DD 2665 4. DD  2666 IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS 5-15 THROUGH 5-18, CHOOSE THE SECTION OF THE DD FORM 2657 WHICH REFLECTS THE INFORMATION USED AS THE QUESTION. 5-15. Total incumbent disbursing officer accountability. 1. Section  I 2. Section  II 3. Section  III 4. Section IV 5-16. Vault cash. 1. Section I 2. Section  II 3. Section V 4. Section IV 5-17. Total  DSSN  accountability. 1. Section I 2. Section  II 3. Section  III 4. Section IV 5-l8. Gross   accountability. 1. Section I 2. Section  II 3. Section  III 4. Section V 5-19. For a DD 2657 to be in balance, the total of Section I must agree with the total of which of the following sections? 1. Section II 2. Section III 3. Section  V 4. Section IV 5-20. The DD 2657 is to 1 1219 is to 1 month. 1. True 2.   False day what the SF 5-21. Which of the following DD forms is a stand-alone document that provides a complete picture of a deputy’s accountability transactions  for  day  to  day? 1. 1081 2. 2665 3. 2657 4. 2666 5-22. When, if ever,   should  an  agent cashier prepare two DD 2665s on the same day? 1. When an advance of funds was received  from  the  disbursing officer 2. When a turn-in was made to the disbursing  officer  in  the middle of a business day 3. When an advance of funds was made  to  another  agent  cashier 4. Never 5-23. Which  of  the  following  statements correctly  describe(s)  the  use(s)  of the DD 1081? 1. Summarize  the  transactions  for the period of duty covered by a turn-in  only 2. Act  as  a  covering  transmittal for a turn-in only 3. Document  an  advance  of  funds only 4. All of the above 5-24. Which of the following is NOT a duty  that  a  disbursing  officer should  perform  when  receiving  a turn-in  from  an  agent  cashier? 1. Perform  an  actual  cash  count 2. Sign both the original and the copy of the DD 1081 3. Retain the original DD 2665 and supporting   documents 4. Retain the copy of the DD 1081 31

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