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Page Title: Duration of Appointment
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Appointment  and  Revocation  Process
Disbursing Clerk 1 & C - Military manual for administrative purposes
References for Letters of Authority Required in the Disbursing Office
Appointment Procedures and Limitations Paying agents should only be appointed when it is not feasible for the DO, deputy, or agent cashier to perform  the  transactions. CONDITIONS OF APPOINTMENT.— Paying agents   should   never   be   appointed   solely   as   a convenience, but only under unusual conditions. An example of an unusual condition is an activity in a remote location where the use of checks is not practical but  where  payments  or  currency  conversions  must  be made. In this situation, the DO may ask the CO of the remote activity to appoint a paying agent. Notice that the  DO  initiates  the  request.  Another  important condition governing any paying agent’s appointment is that a paying agent will never be appointed or used by a CO over the protest of the DO. LETTER OF APPOINTMENT.— Paying agents are appointed by letter from the CO. The appointment letter should contain the following information: The paying agent’s name, rank or grade, social security number (SSN), and duty station The name, rank or grade, and station of the DO for  whom  the  paying  agent  will  act,  and  the station symbol number The duties and responsibilities of the paying agent A   description   of   the   type   of   payments   or currency  conversions  to  be  made The maximum amount of funds to be advanced The period of time the appointment covers The  paying  agent’s  acknowledgement  of acceptance of the appointment The   statement   “I   agree   to   hold   myself accountable to the United States for all public funds  received.” A  statement  that  the  appointed  individual  has been counseled as to the pecuniary liability and has  been  given  written  operating  instructions Duration of Appointment The nature and duration of an appointment will depend  on  the  conditions  warranting  the  activity’s  need for a paying agent. For example, the appointment may be for a specific transaction, a definite period, or an indefinite  period.  The  paying  agent’s  designation  will 1-7 continue until the appointee is transferred or relieved of duty  by  the  appointing  officer  or  until  the  DO  is transferred  or  relieved  of  disbursing  duty. You have now read about some of the positions designated  as  accountable  positions.  All  persons appointed  to  accountable  positions  are  entrusted  with the  authorized  use  of  public  funds.  This  is  why accountable positions are intentionally limited and strictly monitored. In the following section, let’s talk about  some  of  the  general  duties  and  responsibilities required  of  the  persons  assigned  to  these  positions. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF ACCOUNTABLE  POSITIONS The  handling  of  official  funds  and  documents places  strict  duties  and  responsibilities  on  individuals assigned to accountable positions. These duties and responsibilities are indirectly shared by every DK and civilian  employee  in  a  disbursing  office.  The accountable  position  may  involve  planning  for, acquiring,   obtaining,   safeguarding,   disbursing, transferring,  transporting,  depositing,  or  accounting  for public  funds.  It  may  even  involve  safekeeping  personal funds and valuables. Whatever it involves, you should be able to identify the essential characteristics and obligations of these positions. You should also be able to  identify  how  they  will  touch  upon  your  own  duties and  responsibilities  as  a  senior  DK.  Accountable positions   may   vary,   depending   on   the   type   of accountable  position  and  the  particular  needs,  location, and   mission   of   the   disbursing   office.   Yet   strict observance  and  adherence  to  the  duties  and responsibilities   involved   in   these   positions   is imperative. AUTHORIZATION FOR AND DEFINITION  OF  ACCOUNTABLE POSITIONS The  duties  and  responsibilities  of  accountable positions are authorixed and delineated by letters of authority   and   official   instructions.   Disbursing personnel in accountable positions must be aware of these documents and the ways in which their duties and responsibilities  are  officially  defined  and  authorized.

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