Quantcast For Personnel Departing the Overseas Area

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Page Title: For Personnel Departing the Overseas Area
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Sample DD Form 2664, Currency Exchange Record
Disbursing Clerk 1 & C - Military manual for administrative purposes
Sale Through Commercial Channels
That  repurchase  of  foreign  currency  will  not result in increasing the foreign currency holdings beyond the immediate disbursing requirements. That repurchases are made at the rate at which the DO is holding the foreign currency. That repurchase of foreign currency has been approved by the CO or area commander. That a record is maintained on the DD 2664 to reflect the amount and source of funds. FOR   PERSONNEL   DEPARTING   THE OVERSEAS AREA.— There  are  additional  rules  for the  repurchase  of  foreign  currency  from  personnel departing the overseas area either on permanent change of station orders or for temporary home leave. In these cases,  the  DO  must  follow  the  appropriate  rules according to the specific situation and make certain the following  conditions  are  enforced:    The amount repurchased does not increase the DO’s  foreign  currency  on  hand  beyond  that needed  for  official  purposes. The  repurchase  is  within  existing  foreign currency  control  laws;  agreements  between  the U.S. Government and the host country; or the spirit   of   the   policies   governing   business activities  of  the  Department  of  Defense,  its personnel,  and  their  dependents.   If the amount repurchased exceed 1 month of the  person’s  salary  and  allowances,  a  signed statement  from  the  person  and  the  written approval of the CO or area commander must be provided to the DO. The signed statement must describe  the  source  of  the  foreign  currency  and certify that it was not received in violation of military regulations or the currency control laws of  the  country  concerned. FOR AFLOAT UNITS VISITING A FOREIGN AREA.— The guidelines for DOs of afloat or mobile units  visiting  foreign  ports  or  areas  are  slightly different.  In  these  cases,  DOs  are  authorized  to  make accommodation  exchanges  for  assigned  personnel without  prior  approval.  The  DO  is  required  to  maintain a record of sales using a DD 2664. For afloat or mobile units,   repurchase   is   permitted   according   to   the following conditions: The  DO  needs  the  foreign  currency  or  can dispose of it within 30 days. The  individual  requesting  the  repurchase  is  not attempting to convert an amount greater than the amount he or she last purchased (as shown by the DO’s records). As  indicated  by  the  applicable  rules  and regulations    governing    accommodation repurchases, a DO must follow the guidelines that pertain to the specific situation. DEPOSITARY CHECKING ACCOUNTS Many  DOs  in  foreign  countries  will  maintain depositary checking accounts. A depositary checking account allows a DO to pay for government obligations by check in the local currency. A DO who maintains a depositary  checking  account  must  deposit  any  excess currency and checks payable in the local currency to that  account. SALE TO ANOTHER DOD DISBURSING OFFICER For a DO without access to a depositary checking account,  the  next  preferred  method  of  disposal  of foreign currency is by sale to another Navy or Marine Corps DO located in the country of the monetary unit involved.  The  selling  DO  must  deliver  the  excess currency and negotiable instruments by registered mail or courier to the purchasing DO. The selling DO must include a Shipment of Funds, DD Form 165, and a letter of   transmittal   requesting   a   U.S.   Treasury exchange-for-cash  disbursement  check.  The  DD  Form 165  must  indicate  the  country,  type,  amount,  exchange rate, and U.S. dollar value of the instruments and cash. Normally, the rate of exchange used should be the rate at which the currency is carried in the accounts of the selling officer. However, if the selling officer’s rate is different from the official rate established by the local government or by another competent authority, the official rate must be used. And, the selling officer must account for the resulting gain or loss. SALE TO AN MBF A  DO  who  does  not  have  the  option  of  selling foreign  currency  to  another  DOD  DO  is  authorized  to sell it to an MBF. But, the DO is authorized to do this only under certain conditions. First, the selling DO must ascertain that no other DOD DO is available to purchase the foreign currency. Next, the MBF to which the DO intends to sell the 5-9

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