Quantcast Message Report of Statement of Accountability and Disbursments and Collections

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Page Title: Message Report of Statement of Accountability and Disbursments and Collections
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Erroneous Statement of Accountability
Disbursing Clerk 1 & C - Military manual for administrative purposes
Message  Report  of  Statement  of  Accountability  and  Disbursements  and  Collections
Purpose The  primary  purpose  of  the  schedule  is  to  list  the detailed  transactions  included  in  line  4.2  (Deposits Presented  or  Mailed  to  Bank)  of  the  SF  1219.  The schedule  also  serves  as  a  transmittal  for  deposit confirmation documents and provides a detailed listing of those that remain unconfirmed. Preparation The schedule will be prepared in an original and two copies. The original and one copy will be submitted with the Statement of Accountability, SF 1219. The other copy is retained by the disbursing office. MESSAGE  REPORT  OF  STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTABILITY AND DISBURSEMENTS AND COLLECTIONS This is an additional report that aids the Navy in the timely  gathering  of  financial  information.  It  is  a message  report  of  the  Statement  of  Accountability  with detailed   information   concerning   U.S.   Treasury checking   account   activity   and   the   amounts   by appropriation of disbursements and collections. Figure 7-10 shows a sample message. SUBMISSION  REQUIREMENTS On  the  first  workday  following  the  end  of  an accounting period (normally a calendar month), all DOs assigned  to  ships,  tactical  units,  and  overseas non-tactical units submitting financial returns to DAO Norfolk or San Diego will submit the message report of the Statement of Accountability and Disbursements and Collections.  Negative  reports  are  required.  If MINIMIZE on message traffic is in effect, reports will take  precedence  over  MINIMIZE  and  be  transmitted  as required. Relief of a Disbursing Officer When a change of DOs is effected on other than the last day of the month, the message report for the month will be submitted as follows: The relieved DO will render a report no later than the first working day after relief covering the applicable period. The report will contain a statement identifying the relieving officer and will also state that officer will render a further report following the end of the month. The relieving officer will render his or her report to include only his or her transactions for the month and identify  the  period  for  which  the  report  is  made. Further,  the  report  will  contain  a  statement  identifying the DO relieved and that the relieved DO reported partial month transactions that are not included in the current report. Disbursing Officer Temporarily Ceases to Transact  Business Under  certain  circumstances  such  as  overhaul  or emergency repairs, DOs assigned aboard ships may be required   to   temporarily   discontinue   processing disbursements  and  collections  transactions.  Generally the  DO  will  make  arrangements  with  a  nearby non-tactical DO to process these transactions (including payrolls) during the overhaul or repair period. This action  does  not  close  the  DSSN  and  the  DO  will continue to prepare and submit all required reports including the message report. When a DO temporarily ceases  to  transact  business,  but  does  not  close  the disbursing  account,  the  message  report  will  be submitted as follows: Immediately  upon  transfer  of  the  disbursement and  collection  transaction  responsibility  to  a non-tactical  DO,  the  transferring  DO  will  submit  the disbursements  and  collections  portion  of  the  message to report all transaction performed from the first day of the reporting period through the date of transfer. The report  will  identify  the  period  for  which  the  report  is made. The report will also identify the DSSN of the disbursing office to which the work is transferred and include an estimate as to when normal operations are anticipated  to  resume. On the first workday following the end of the reporting period during which the responsibility for disbursement  and  collection  transactions  is  transferred, the DO will prepare the Statement of Accountability portion  of  the  report  in  the  usual  manner.  The disbursements and collections portion will be negative and will contain a statement referencing the message report submitted in compliance with the preceding paragraph. For  each  succeeding  month  until  disbursing operations are resumed, the DO will continue to submit the  message  report.  The  Statement  of  Accountability portion  will  report  the  DO’s  accountability  to  the Treasury and the disbursements and collections portion will be negative. 7-16

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