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Page Title: Transformation of Money
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Cash  Verification
Disbursing Clerk 1 & C - Military manual for administrative purposes
Dealing with Irregularities in Disbursing Officer Accounts
Record and Receipt of Deposits and Withdrawals of Safekeeping   Funds   (DD   2674),   The   DODFMR, Volume 5, gives the substance of how the entry should read. The board must report its findings in writing to the CO, with a copy provided to the DO. This letter should advise the CO whether the official funds and documents (including the safekeeping deposits, money orders, and the postage fund, when applicable) are in agreement with the DO’s records and whether the funds are in excess of the authorized amount. Each report to the CO must begin with the following statement: The quarterly cash verification is meant only to verify that cash and other assets for which the DO is accountable agrees with the total  accountability  amount  recorded  as on-hand  on  the  DO’s  daily  statement  of accountability. It does not certify the overall health   of   the   disbursing   office.   Strong management  controls  exercised  by  the appropriate  members  within  the  chain  of command  are  mandatory  and  necessary  to prevent and preclude major loss or fraud. TRANSPORTATION  OF  MONEY Another  responsibility  associated  with  accountable positions  is  the  transportation  of  money  and  other negotiable  instruments.  When  money  or  vouchers  are being transported, the accountable persons continue to remain liable for any mishaps that may occur to these assets. This is why whenever funds or valuable assets must be transported, the following requirements must be  enforced: When any person leaves the ship or disbursing activity  for  the  purpose  of  transporting  or  picking  up official cash funds in excess of $10,000, the CO and the security police must be notified. This notice is normally made through the command duty officer or other duty officer. The notice consists of reporting the time of departure,  destination,  estimated  time  of  return, amount, and the source or disposition of the funds, as appropriate. Since  safeguarding  of  funds  is  a  command responsibility, the CO of the activity requesting that funds  be  made  available  must  make  the  security provisions.  The  decision  of  whether  or  not  to  have  an armed escort, how many armed guards are required, or the type of transportation to be used is all part of the requesting  command’s  responsibility.  If  the  person pecuniarily liable for the funds feels that adequate security has not been provided, he or she may refuse to transport the funds. When  circumstances  warrant,  such  as transporting large amounts of currency or traveling through  isolated  or  otherwise  dangerous  areas,  one  or more  convoy  cars  with  additional  armed  guards  must accompany  the  DO. Any   available   Navy-owned armored cars should be used for this purpose. If these cars are not available, the hire of an armored car service is authorized and will be charged to the ship or station maintenance  finds. Personnel assigned to duty as guards must be proficient in the use of firearms and must be alert and ready at all times. For this reason, guards should not be required  to  carry  moneybags  or  perform  other  duties that  would  tend  to  reduce  their  effectiveness. Money should be procured at irregular intervals and the routes traveled should be varied whenever possible. When money is being transported to or from a ship at sea, the money containers must be attached to a buoy or some other reliable flotation device to mark the spot on the surface in case the transporting vehicle crashes or sinks. Strict  adherence  to  these  requirements  will protect the transported assets as well as the accountable persons. SAFEKEEPING OF PERSONAL FUNDS AND VALUABLES The  CO  may  require  the  establishment  of  a safekeeping   service.    This  responsibility  is  normally assigned  to  the  DO,  but  can  be  assigned  to  other accountable assistants. Although this service does not involve  public  funds,  the  responsibilities  for  financial accountability are just as important. Purpose The purpose of a safekeeping service is to provide safe custody for personal funds and valuables and for funds  of  morale  support  activities  for  which  safe custody would not be otherwise available. Regulations Depending  on  the  availability  of  safekeeping facilities, all deposits and withdrawals are subject to the 1-10

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