Quantcast Assignment 4: 12 - 22

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Page Title: Assignment 4: 12 - 22
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Assignment 4: 1 - 11
Seaman - Military manual for the Seaman rate
Assignment 4: 23 - 32
4-12. When a boat is hoisted with davits, what line should be kept in hand by each person aboard the boat? 1. Frapping 2. Lanyard 3. Manrope 4. Strongback 4-13. What  is  the  ideal  landing  approach for a single-screw boat? 1. Port-side-to,  bow  into  current 2. Port-side-to,  stern  into current 3. Starboard-side-to,  bow  into current 4. Starboard-side-to,  stern  into current 4-14. When  there  is  sufficient maneuvering  room,  what  is  the  best way to get a boat away from a starboard-side-to   landing? 1. Go ahead until bow is clear 2. Go ahead until stern is clear 3. Back until the bow is clear 4. Back until the stern is clear 4-15. What item does a small boat usually require to heave to in rough seas? 1. A drogue 2. A  grapnel 3. A snap hook 4. A  broaching  line 4-16. In a small boat carrying an officer for whom a salute is being fired, who should rise and salute? 1. The  coxswain 2. The  person  honored 3. Everyone  on  board 4. Everyone  outside  the  canopy 4-17. You are a Seaman about to board a small boat with several officers. When should you enter the boat and where should you sit? 1. First;  toward  the  stern 2. First;  toward  the  bow 3. Last;  toward  the  stern 4. Last;  toward  the  bow 4-18. When  should  the  ensign  be  displayed aboard a small boat operating in a foreign port? 1. 0800  until  sunset 2. During  daylight  hours 3. First boat run each day 4. Whenever  the  boat  is  underway 4-19. The commanding officer of your ship is a commander. What flagstaff insignia  should  be  displayed  from his gig? 1. A flat truck 2. A  halberd 3. A ball 4. A star 4-20. You are the coxswain of a boat approaching  your  ship  during daylight. One of your passengers is a captain. What  signal  should you make if you are hailed by the OOD? 1. Shout  CAPTAIN,  ARRIVING 2. Hold up your arms with eight fingers  extended 3. Hold up your arms with six fingers  extended 4. Hold up your arms with four fingers  extended 4-21. What boat hail should you call out to indicate that the Secretary of the Navy is embarked aboard your boat? 1. NAVY 2. SECRETARY 3. UNITED  STATES 4. FLAG  OFFICER 4-22. You are the coxswain of the admiral's barge. Which of the following  flaghoists  would  require you to return to the ship? 1. Qp0 2. Qp1 3. Qp2 4. Qp3 21

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