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Page Title: Detachable Links
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Llightweight Anchors
Seaman - Military manual for the Seaman rate
Outboard Swivel Shots
Figure  4-2.–Detachable  link. for back fit. All links are studded; that is, a piece of steel is placed in the center of the links. Studs prevent the chain  from  kinking  and  the  links  from  pounding  on adjacent  links.  The  Naval  Ships'  Technical  Manual  lists standard sizes from 3/4 inch to 4 3/4 inches, and details the method of fabrication. The size of the link is designated by its nominal diameter, which is called wire diameter. Wire diameter is measured at the end of the link a little above the center line. The length of a standard link is 6 times its wire diameter, and its width is 3.6 times its wire diameter. An anchor chain is made up of many parts besides common links and requires a variety of equipment and fittings to use and maintain the chain. The following descriptions will acquaint you with the details of anchor chain  and  some  of  the  equipment  associated  with  using and  maintaining  the  chain. Standard Shot The lengths of chain that are connected to make up the ship's anchor chain are called shots and are made up with an odd number of links. A standard shot is 15 fathoms (90 feet) long. At the time of its manufacture, each shot of the chain usually bears a serial number stamped, cut, or cast on the inner side of the end links of each shot. If an end link is lost or removed from a shot, this identification should be cut or stamped on the inside  of  the  new  end  link  of  the  altered  shot. Chapter 581, Naval Ships' Technical Manual, defines in considerable detail chain make-up, fittings, replace- ment,  maintenance  and  rejection  criteria. Detachable   Links Shots of anchor chain are joined by a detachable link, shown in figure 4-2. The Navy-type detachable link consists of a C-shaped link with two coupling plates that form one side and stud of the link A taper pin holds the parts together and is locked in place at the large end by a lead plug. Detachable link parts are not interchangeable, so matching numbers are stamped on the C-link and on each coupling plate to ensure its identification  and  proper  assembly.  You  will  save  time and  trouble  trying  to  match  these  parts  if  you disassemble only one link at a time and clean, slush, and reassemble it before disassembling another. The present day slush, a preservative and lubricant, is a mixture of 40 percent white lead and 60 percent tallow by volume. Other slush mixtures are being investigated to replace the white lead. When you re-assemble a detachable link, make sure the taper pin is seated securely. This is done by driving it in with a punch and a hammer before inserting the lead plug over the large end of the pin. Detachable  link  toolbox  sets  contain  tools,  including spare taper pins and lead plugs, for assembling and disassembling  links  and  detachable  end  links. 4-4

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