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Page Title: Glossary: B - C
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Glossary: B
Seaman - Military manual for the Seaman rate
Glossary: C - D
BOAT  BOOM-A spar swung out from a ship's side from which boats can be hauled out or made fast. Permits boats to ride safely alongside a ship while at anchor. BOAT  CALL-A  flag  signal  used  to  communicate  with a  boat. BOAT  CHOCK-A deck fitting supporting a boat end that is resting on deck BOAT  DECK-A partial deck above the main deck, usually fitted with boat davits or cranes. BOAT  FALLS-The lines used in hoisting or lowering a boat. BOAT  GONG-A signal used to indicate departure of officers’ boats and the arrival or departure of various officers. BOAT  HOOK-A wooden staff with combined hook, usually made of brass, to reduce danger of sparks; used to engage rings, lines, or buoys from the deck of a small craft, or to push away from any object on the  water’s  surface. BOAT SKIDS-Deck fittings designed to hold and support a boat. BOATSWAIN -A warrant officer whose major duties are related to deck and boat seamanship. BOATSWAIN'S CALL-A    tune    played    on    a boatswain's  pipe  announcing  or  calling  for  a standard evolution such as meals for the crew, lower away, and so forth. BOATSWAIN'S  CHAIR-A seat sent aloft or over the side  to  facilitate  repairs  or  painting. BOATSWAIN'S   LOCKER-A compartment where deck gear is stowed. BOLLARD-A steel or iron post on a dock, pier, or wharf, used in securing a ship's lines. BOLO-A nylon line with a lead weight or monkey fist, thrown from ship to ship or from ship to pier during underway replenishment evolutions. BOOT-A newly enlisted marine or sailor. Slang for recruit. BOURRELET-The forward bearing surface of a Navy gun projectile, machined in a band around its body to provide support for the projectile in the bore. BOW-The forward end of a ship or boat. BOW  HOOK-A member of a boat crew who mans the forward line or boat hook BOW NUMBER-The hull number of a ship, painted on  the  bow.  This  number  gives  positive identification. BREAK-To unfurl a flag quickly. In ship construction, a change in the contour of a ship's main deck BREAK  OUT-To take out of stock or storage and prepare for use. BREAKDOWN  LIGHTS-Two vertical red lights on the highest mast of the ship that denote “NOT UNDER  COMMAND.” BREAST  LINE-A mooring line from ship to pier, perpendicular to the ship's centerline. BREECH-The opposite end from the muzzle of a gun where rounds are inserted for firing. BREECHBLOCK -A device that closes the chamber of a large gun after loading. In small arms, called a bolt. BRIDGE-A  ship's  structure,  topside  and  usually forward,   which   contains   control   and   visual communication  stations.  The  underway  conning station  on  most  ships,  except  in  submarines. BRIGHTWORK -Unpainted  and  uncovered  metal, generally brass or chrome, that is kept bright by polishing. BULKHEAD -Walls  or  partitions  within  a  ship, generally referring to those with structural functions such  as  strength  and  water  tightness. BUOY-A floating object, anchored to the bottom, indicating a position on the water, to mark an obstruction or shallow area, or to provide a mooring for a ship. CAMEL-A float used as a fender between two ships or a ship and a pier. CAPSTAN-The rotating mechanism that raises the anchor  or  other  heavy  weight. CAPTAIN'S  MAST-A    hearing    held    by    the commanding  officer  whereby  the  commanding officer awards punishment, listens to requests, or commends  personnel  for  meritorious  achievements or  special  service. CARGO NET-A square net of line used to transfer case goods  and  small  cargo. CARGO PORT-A large opening in the side of a vessel for  removing  or  loading  cargo. AI-3

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