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Page Title: Glossary: P - S
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Glossary: L - M
Seaman - Military manual for the Seaman rate
Glossary: S
PETTY OFFICER OF THE WATCH- Enlisted member assigned duty as assistant to the officer of the deck. PIER- A structure for mooring vessels which is built out into  the  water  perpendicular  to  the  shoreline. PILOT- (1) An expert on local harbor and channel conditions  who  advises  the  commanding  officer when moving a ship in or out of port. (2) One who operates  an  airplane. PILOTHOUSE -   A   compartment   on   the   bridge centerline housing the main steering controls. Also called the wheelhouse. PITCH- The vertical rise and fall of a ship's bow and stern. PLAN OF THE DAY- A schedule of unit activities for the  day,  including  work,  training,  meals,  etc. PLANK  OWNER- A person who has been on board since the ship was commissioned. PORT- To the left of centerline as you face forward. PROPERTY  PASS-  Written  permission  permitting personnel to take property from a ship or station. QUARTER- The after section of a ship on either side. QUARTERDECK - (1) An area of the deck on a Navy ship that is the watch station of the officer of the deck in port. (2) An area on the weather deck designated by the commanding officer for official functions, usually adjacent to the starboard or port gangway. QUARTERS -  (1)  An  assembly  of  personnel  (as morning quarters) for muster or inspection. (2) Government-owned housing assigned to naval personnel.  (3)  Living  spaces  aboard  ship. RADIO CENTRAL- Main radio space aboard ship. RANGE- (1) The distance an object is from the observer or reference point. (2) An area designated for a particular purpose such as a target or degaussing range. RAT GUARD- A hinged conical metal shield secured around mooring lines, immediately after mooring, to prevent rats from coming aboard the ship. RAT-TAILED  STOPPER- A braided tapering stopper used on boat falls and mooring lines. RELATIVE  BEARING- The direction of an object relative to the ship's heading, expressed in degrees or in points. RIG- (1) To devise; set up or arrange. (2) The act of setting up any device or equipment containing rigging. RIGGING- (1) The lines, turnbuckles, ropes, and other gear supporting and attached to stacks, masts, and topside  structures  (called  standing  rigging).  (2) Lines, wires, and tackles that are adjustable or control  motion  (called  running  rigging). RIGHT-LAID- Refers to lay of line or wire rope in which the strands spiral in a clockwise direction (as one looks along the line). ROLL- The side-to-side movement of a ship. RULES OF THE ROAD- The regulations set forth to prevent collisions of ships in inland waters and at sea. RUNNING LIGHT- Any light required by law to be shown  by  a  vessel  or  aircraft  underway. SAIL  LOCKER- The stowage area for awnings and related  deck  gear  aboard  ship. SAMSON  POST- A vertical timber on the forward or aft  weather  deck,  used  in  underway  replenishment, towing,  and  securing. SCREW- (1) The propeller of a ship. (2) Screws also refer to the water in the vicinity of the propellers. SCULL- The act of propelling a small boat by working oars from one side to another. SCUTTLE - (1) A small, quick-closing watertight hole. (2) To sink a vessel by deliberate flooding. SCUTTLEBUTT- (1) A drinking fountain aboard ship. (2) Rumor or gossip. SEXTANT- A navigational instrument used to measure the distance between two ships. Used mainly on the ship's  bridge. SHAFT  ALLEY- The space(s) in a ship through which the propeller shafts extend from the engine room(s) aft to the screws. SHIFT COLORS-  To  shift  the  national  ensign  and  jack from the flagstaff to the gaff on getting underway, or from the gaff to the flagstaff upon mooring or anchoring. SHORE- (1) A portable wooden or steel beam used in damage control. (2) To brace, as to “shore up.” Also called shoring. (3) Land at the edge of the sea. SHORT STAY- When the anchor has been hove in just short  of  breaking  water. AI-8

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