Quantcast Operation of the Mk 5 Pyrotechnic Pistol

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Page Title: Operation of the Mk 5 Pyrotechnic Pistol
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Maritime Illumination and Smoke Signals and Pyrotechnic Pistols
Seaman - Military manual for the Seaman rate
Pyrotechnic Handling and Storage
smoke signals and pyrotechnic pistols currently in use. These  include  the Mk  2  marine  illumination  signal, Mk  5  pyrotechnic  pistol, AN-M37A2 through AN-M39A2 series, double- star  illumination  signal, Mk  1  marine  illumination  signal,  and the  AN-M8  pyrotechnic  pistol. MK  2  Marine  Illumination  Signals The Mk 2 marine illumination signal is available in three colors: red, green, and white. Each cartridge has a percussion primer and a propelling or expelling charge of 10 grains of black powder, which projects the burning star to a height of about 200 feet. The star charge is a tightly packed cylinder wrapped with a quick match (a fast-burning  fuse),  which  ignites  it  when  fired.  The  star charge is separated from the expelling charge by a shock-absorbing wad of hard felt. The cartridge is closed by a wad that is so marked that the color of the star can be determined at night by feeling the wad, as shown in figure 6-8. The red star may be identified by its corrugated closing wad; the green star has a smooth closing wad; and the white has a small conical boss on its closing wad. Each of the three colors may also be identified by the corresponding  color  of  the  paper  on  the  cartridge. The burning time for each of the stars is approxi- mately  6  seconds. The illumination signals are available in 10-round metal or cardboard containers. The containers are packaged in wooden boxes that hold 40, 45, or 100 containers. Mk  5  Pyrotechnic  Pistol Marine illumination signals are fired from the Mk 5 pyrotechnic pistol. This pistol is a breech-loaded, double-action, single-shot device, 11 inches long. Metal parts are mounted on a plastic frame. The operating instructions for the Mk 5 pistol are as follows: 1.   To load the pistol, depress the latch button below the barrel. At the same time, pull the barrel downward, as in view A of figure 6-9. Insert the signal shell (view B). Push the barrel upward until it latches closed. The pistol is now ready to fire. Figure 6-8.–The Mk 2 marine illumination signal. Figure 6-9.–Operation of the Mk 5 pyrotechnic pistol. 2. To fire the pistol, aim it upward at the desired angle, normally 60 degrees, but clear of other ships or personnel. Bull the trigger, as shown in figure 6-9, view C. Keep your elbow slightly bent when firing, to absorb the shock of recoil and to prevent the pistol from knocking itself out of your hand. 3. To extract the expended shell, break the pistol open again (view A), and pull the shell out of the chamber (view D). 6-12

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