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Page Title: The Seaman Aloft
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General Replishment Safety Precautions
Seaman - Military manual for the Seaman rate
Riding Down Standing Rigging
Easing-out lines, when appropriate, must be rigged immediately upon rig hookup to prepare for a possible  emergency  breakaway. Personnel in the immediate area of the transfer station  must  wear  construction-type  safety  helmets, equipped  with  quick-acting  breakaway  devices.  Chin straps must be fastened and worn under the chin. Safety helmets will be color-coded as follows: WHITE— Officers, CPOs, and supervisors WHITE (with green cross)— Safety Officer YELLOW—  Rig  captain GREEN— Signalmen and phone talkers BROWN—  Winch  operators PURPLE—  Repair  personnel RED— Line-throwing gunners (or bolo heavers) WHITE (with red cross)— Corpsmen BLUE— Deck riggers and line handlers ORANGE— Checkers and supply personnel GREY—  All  others Except  forklift  truck  operators,  topside  personnel who are engaged in handling stores or lines or who are in the transfer area must wear properly secured, orange- colored, inherently buoyant, vest-type life jackets with collars. Forklift truck operators will wear inflatable life jackets fully ready for use: life jacket in front, opened, with  the  yoke  over  the  head  (except  actual  inflation). Personnel rigging aloft or working outboard of bulwarks or safety chains must wear a properly secured, orange-colored,  inherently  buoyant,  vest-type  life  jacket with a buttonhole in the back cover to permit concurrent use of the safety harness and safety and working line. (See  Naval Ships' Technical Manual, chapter 077, for details for use with a safety harness.) Personnel at a transfer station must wear a one- cell flashlight (or green chemical light), whistle, and sea marker (fluorescent) on the outside of their life jacket during  night  replenishment.  Flashlights  need  not  be lighted  except  at  the  discretion  of  the  commanding officer. Chemical lights must be lighted, and are not to be discarded over the side during hours of darkness, during  the  replenishment,  or  until  completely extinguished. Personnel involved in cargo-handling operations on both the delivering and receiving ships must wear safety  shoes. Additional  safety  precautions  to  be  observed during fueling can be found in NWP 14. THE  SEAMAN  ALOFT LEARNING   OBJECTIVE:   Describe   the rigging  used  for  going  aloft. As a Seaman in the deck division, you will be involved in painting or doing repairs while working either aloft or over the side. To do these tasks safely, you must  be  able  to  correctly  rig  and  use  both  the boatswain's chair and the stage. You must also know the safety precautions involved in working aloft or over the side. BOATSWAIN'S CHAIR The boatswain's chair is a hardwood seat attached to a double bridle of stout line, as shown in figure 4-29. It is always bent to the gantline by a double becket. A length of slack end is left hanging, as shown, for use in securing to masts or stays aloft. For a straight drop, as when painting down a mast, rig the chair for self-lowering. When you are coming down a mast, you will often find that the ladder takes you only to the crosstree. You must be hoisted from there to the truck by personnel on deck.  When there is no way of getting to the truck by ladder, a dummy gantline usually is left reeved from the crosstree up through the sheave at the truck and back to the crosstree. The dummy gantline makes it unnecessary for anyone to climb the topmast to reeve a chair gantline through. You must never let the end get away from you and reeve out. Figure 4-29.— The boatswain’s chair. 4-37

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