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Page Title: Examination Completion Procedures
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Ensure  that  candidates  bring  no  unauthorized materials, such as TRAMANs and notes, into the examining room. Help distribute all examining materials (pencils, examination  booklets,  worksheets,  scratch paper, and so forth). Perform an individual ID card check to verify each  candidate’s  identity  before  issuing  that person an examination booklet. Randomly inspect the answer sheets while the candidates complete the administrative section (blocks  1  through  21)  as  the  verbatim instructions are being read.  Ensure candidates darken  answer  sheet  circles  sufficiently  to  be detected by scanning equipment. Patrol  the  examining  room  to  guard  against cheating. Escort  candidates  to  and  from  the  examining room if the need arises for health or comfort trips outside the examining room. Interpret the meaning of the information on the examination booklet cover for the candidates if necessary;  however,  DO  NOT  DISCUSS, INTERPRET, OR ANSWER EXAMINATION QUESTIONS  IN  ANY  WAY!    (Examining board  members  and  proctors  may  explain  the meaning  of  the  instructions  on  the  face  of  the examination  booklet.    They  may  not  interpret examination  questions,  engage  in  a  discussion about questions, or assist the candidates in any way  in  their  solutions.    Examining  board members  must  NEVER  read  examination questions  to  the  candidates  except  as  noted below.)   Seek any further assistance necessary from the senior  examining  board  member  if  in  doubt about any portion of the exam administration. T h e   a u t h o r i t y   f o r   o r a l   a d m i n i s t r a t i o n   of e x a m i n a t i o n s ,    i f    r e q u e s t e d ,    a n d    w i t h    a m p le justification is from PERS 852 or 862.  If authorized, a commissioned  officer  who  is  a  member  of  the examining board will read examination questions and answers  without  interpretation  or  explanation.    The individual will be examined on the regularly scheduled examination  date  in  a  separate  space  from  other candidates.  Oral administration will not generally be authorized  in  the  case  of  candidates  who  have  been classified  as  passed,  but  not  advanced  in  previous examination cycles. Candidates  are  not  permitted  to  leave  the e x a m i n a t i o n   r o o m   b e f o r e   c o m p l e t i n g   t h e ir examination  except  for  emergencies.    If  a  candidate must leave the room, a proctor designated by the senior examining board member must accompany him or her. A  member  of  the  examining  board  must  take possession  of  all  examining  materials  during  the candidate’s absence.  Any candidate who leaves the examination  room  without  the  permission  of  an examining board member will be disqualified.  If this situation  occurs,  the  procedures  outlined  in  the Advancement Manual should be followed. In  case  of  emergency,  such  as  a  fire  alarm,  the candidates will place the worksheet, answer sheet, and scratch paper inside the examination booklet and leave it on the table.  Candidates will depart the examination area via designated exits and muster at a designated area. Ensure all candidates understand that no talking is permitted during the emergency and while waiting to return to the examination area. The examining proctors will  collect  all  examinations  booklets,  ensuring  the worksheet, answer sheet, and scratch paper are in each booklet.  Upon conclusion of the emergency situation, candidates  will  return  to  the  examination  area  and await further instructions. Q26. During  the  administration  of  Navywide advancement examinations, one board member or proctor should be provided for a maximum of how many candidates? Q27. What paygrades may serve as proctors for E-4 through    E-7    Navywide    advancement examinations? Q28. For  information  on  assigning  proctors  for Navywide  advancement  examinations,  you should refer to what publication? Q29. The  authority  for  administering  Navywide examinations  orally  must  be  requested  with ample justification from whom? EXAMINATION COMPLETION PROCEDURES Upon completion of the examination, candidates must turn in all examination materials to an examining board member as they exit the room.  The examining board  member  will  collect  all  examination  material, ensure that the answer sheet is complete, and that all items  circled  by  the  candidate  on  the  worksheet  are clearly understood so that corrections or additions may be made by the examining board.  Corrections should 6-14

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