Quantcast Healthcare Administration Section of the Medical Service Corps

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Page Title: Healthcare Administration Section of the Medical Service Corps
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United States Naval Academy
Educational Services Officer - Military manual for teaching in the military
Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program
HEALTHCARE ADMINISTRATION SECTION OF THE MEDICAL SERVICE CORPS The  HealthCare  Administration  Section  of  the Medical  Service  Corps  is  an  in-service  procurement program.    It  provides  a  path  of  advancement  to commissioned officer status for all enlisted ratings in paygrades E-5 through E-9 who possess the necessary potential, outstanding qualifications, and motivation. Since this program is extremely competitive, enlisted personnel  should  begin  preparation  early  in  their careers  through  a  sound  self-improvement  program. The following are the basic eligibility requirements: Must  be  serving  on  active  duty  as  an  enlisted person  in  any  rating  of  the  U.S.  Navy,  U.S. Marine Corps, Naval Reserve, or Marine Corps R e s e r v e     ( i n c l u d i n g     t h e     T r a i n i n g     a nd Administration  of  Reserves  [TAR]  Program). Naval Reservists and Marine Corps Reservists on active duty for special work or 1-year recall are not eligible for the program. Be a citizen of the United States. Selectees must be tendered and have accepted original  commissioned  officer  appointments before reaching their 35th birthday. Meet the physical standards as described in the Manual of the Medical Department. Have  no  record  of  nonjudicial  punishment, conviction  by  courts-martial  or  civil  court  for other than minor traffic violations during the 4 years preceding the year in which application is made. Be  a  high  school  graduate  or  have  a  GED equivalency certificate. Have completed a minimum of 50 transferable semester (or 75 comparable quarter) credit hours acceptable  for  enrollment  in  a  baccalaureate degree  program  in  a  business/healthcare a d m i n i s t r a t i o n    o r    m a n a g e m e n t - r e l a t ed discipline. Have  maintained  a  cumulative  college  grade point average of 2.5 or better on a 4.0 scale. Be  able  to  complete  an  appropriate  under- graduate healthcare or business administration education program in 24 consecutive months, or less,  from  date  of  transfer  into  the  Inservice Procurement  Program  (IPP)  college  education completion program. Be, at a minimum, provisionally accepted in a baccalaureate  program  leading  to  a  degree  in management  disciplines  directly  related  to healthcare  or  business  administration,  as approved  by  the  director  of  Medical  Service Corps (MSC). Except those with qualifying master’s degrees, all  applicants  must  submit  their  Graduate Management  Admission  Test  (GMAT)  or Graduate  Record  Examination  (GRE)  scores with their application. Selectees  with  qualifying  degrees  must  have sufficient service obligation to serve 3 years on active  duty  or  in  a  drill  status  as  appropriate. Selectees without qualifying degrees entering a training program must incur an obligation of 6 years  active  service  requirement  before detaching  from  the  present  command,  which may be acquired by extending or reenlisting. Be  recommended  for  appointment  by  the commanding officer. BUPERSINST  1131.2  provides  eligibility requirements and application procedures. Q13. The  HealthCare  Administration  Section  of  the Medical  Service  Corps  is  available  to  which paygrades? PHYSICIAN’S ASSISTANT PROGRAM The Physician’s Assistant (PA) Program provides Second Class Petty Officer through Master Chief Petty Officer a path to commissioned status as an Ensign in the  Regular  Navy  or  the  U.S.  Naval  Reserve. BUPERSINST  1131.2  contains  detailed  instructions for administering the program. The  program  offers  the  opportunity  for  those selected to obtain a qualifying degree and subsequent appointment  in  the  MSC  Inservice  Procurement Program (IPP).  This program is designed to enhance the ability of the Navy healthcare system to effectively and efficiently deliver required healthcare services.  It is also designed to increase the ability of the Navy’s healthcare  system  to  meet  combat  medical  support requirements. Upon  successful  completion  of  the  training program, selectees will be appointed Ensign, MSC and 3-7

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