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Page Title: Navy College and Dantes References
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Basic ESO References - 14083_9
Educational Services Officer - Military manual for teaching in the military
Command Professional Library
–  Enlisted Commissioning Program (ECP) –  Assignment of officers to service colleges –  Service record Voluntary  Education  Programs  in  the  Navy, OPNAVINST 1560.9—   This instruction provides policy, guidance,  and  information  concerning  voluntary education programs in the Navy. Enlisted  Commissioning  Program  (ECP) , OPNAVNOTE  1530—   This  notice,  issued  annually, announces  the  eligibility  requirements  and  application procedures for the ECP program.  ECP is a program for career-motivated personnel who have completed at least 1 year of undergraduate work and want to earn a commission in the Regular Navy. Limited  Duty  Officer  and  Chief Warrant  Officer Programs, BUPERSINST 1131.1—   These two programs allow  highly  qualified  and  motivated  senior  enlisted personnel  to  obtain  commissions.    This  instruction provides  the  eligibility  requirements  and  application procedures for both programs. Retention    Team    Manual ,     NAVPERS 15878—  This  publication  is  available  on  CD-ROM  and contains  a  complete  chapter  on  education  programs, commissioning  programs,  and  information  on  veterans’ educational benefits. Enlisted  Transfer  Manual  (TRANSMAN) , NAVPERS  15909—   This  publication,  available  on CD-ROM, contains eligibility requirements and general information about the following ESO areas: –  Nuclear power training –  Submarine training –  Service schools (procedures for requesting service school  quotas  and  for  determining  obligated service requirements for service schools) –  Assignment to special programs Manual  of  Navy  Enlisted  Manpower  and Personnel  Classifications  and  Occupational  Standards, NAVPERS 18068—  This manual is available on CD-ROM and prescribes enlisted skill requirements.  It is vital to all enlisted  personnel  and  to  every  command  in  which enlisted personnel serve.  ESOs, training officers, and all supervisors  should  be  familiar  with  the  contents  of  this manual. Q4. What  manual  contains  the  procedures  for  the administration  of  the  Navy’s  enlisted advancement system (NEAS)? Q5. What publication lists the latest available Navy training manuals and correspondence courses? Q6. How often is the Bibliography for Advancement- In-Rate Exam Study (BIBs) posted (issued)? NAVY COLLEGE AND DANTES REFERENCES You will also find the following Voluntary Education and DANTES references helpful: Voluntary  Education  Instruction ,   C N ET INSTRUCTION 1560.3—   This instruction is published by the Chief of Naval Education and Training.  It is stocked at the Chief of Naval Education and Training (Code 00111), Naval  Air  Station,  Pensacola,  Florida.    It  contains descriptions  of  all  Voluntary  Education  programs  and provides the ESO specific guidance . DANTES  Examination  Program  Handbook (DEPH) —  This  handbook  contains  most  of  the administrative  information  needed  for  the  management and  administration  of  the  DANTES-sponsored  (funded and  nonfunded)  examination  programs.    Publishers  of various examinations issue supplemental instructions to aid  in  test  administration,  counseling,  and  test interpretation.  Note that DANTES test control officers are nominated  from  Navy  College  Office  education specialists.  Also, large ships and shore stations without Navy College Offices have designated test centers.  These centers  can  serve  personnel  only  after  approval  by  the Naval Education and Training Professional Development and  Technology  Center,  (NETPDTC  [N223])  and DANTES. The  Guide  to  the  Evaluation  of  Educational Experiences in the Armed Services (ACE Guide)—   This guide, developed by the American Council on Education (ACE), has three volumes (volume 2 is for the Navy). It provides information about formal courses offered by the armed services and college credit recommendations.  It also provides recommended credit for courses completed outside of a particular learning institution.  For example, it provides  the  recommended  credit  hours  toward postsecondary education for persons who completed PN class “A” school (3 hours). Handbook  to  the  Guide  to  the  Evaluation  of Educational  Experiences  in  the  Armed  Services—  The American Council on Education publishes this handbook. It facilitates use of the ACE Guide, provides additional 1-3

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