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Page Title: Slating Process
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Guidelines Provided to Selection Board Members
Educational Services Officer - Military manual for teaching in the military
Preparing for the Selection Board -Continued
serve  in  the  demanding  tours  of  duty  as instructor,  recruiter,  career  counselor,  recruit company commander, duty in the Human Goals Programs, and all other tours requiring special qualifications. Education.  Consideration is given to improving education level.  That includes both academic and vocational training, whether such education is gained as a result of the individual’s initiative during  off-duty  hours  or  as  a  participant  in  a Navy-sponsored program. Evaluations/fitness reports and the total person concept.    Evaluations  and  fitness  reports  are closely reviewed for both marks and narrative. Trends are identified.  The marks and narrative must  correspond  on  the  evaluation/fitness report.    THE  SINGLE  MOST  IMPORTANT FACTOR  INFLUENCING  SELECTION  IS SUSTAINED   SUPERIOR   PERFOR- MANCE OF DUTY.  Peer group ranking also gives the board members an indication of how candidates  compare  with  their  peers.  Personal d e c o r a t i o n s ,    l e t t e r s    o f    c o m m e n d a t i o n/ c o m m u n i t y    i n v o l v e m e n t    a l s o    r e f l e c t   a well-rounded individual.  The “total concept” is important. Duty  assignments.    Duty  assignments  and history of duties performed can be determined from  the  service  record  transfers  and  receipts page and the job description on the evaluations. Using  this  data,  the  board  members  can determine  whether  or  not  individuals  are performing duties commensurate with their rate and  whether  professional  growth  expectancies are being met. Weight standards.  Failure to meet the Navy’s weight/physical readiness test (PRT) standards may  render  candidates  ineligible.    Refer  to OPNAVINST 6110.1. A l c o h o l - r e l a t e d      m i s c o n d u c t      o r      p o or performance.  Advancement will not be denied solely on the basis of prior alcoholism or alcohol abuse, provided the member has participated in successful  treatment  and  recovery.      Any misconduct  or  reduction  in  performance resulting  from  alcoholism  or  alcohol  abuse, however,  must  be  considered  in  determining fitness for advancement. Behavior problems.  Individuals who have had disciplinary problems, have received letters of indebtedness, or have other record entries relevant to  behavioral  difficulties,  such  as  drug  abuse, demonstrated  racial,  sexual,  or  religious discrimination, will find the path to E-7/8/9 more difficult than those with clear records.  Once those problems are overcome, however, the single  most important  selection  factor  is  still  SUSTAINED SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE. Test scores (E-7 only).  Test scores are also taken into  account  since  they  give  an  individual’s relative  standing  on  the  examination  when compared to the other candidates. Slating Process Once review of the entire rating is complete, the panel arranges all of the candidates from top to bottom. This is called slating.  Once slating is completed, the entire board is briefed as to the number of candidates, and the background of individuals recommended and not recommended for selection.  During the briefing, no names are used and the entire board votes on the slate,  which  must  be  accepted  by  a  board  majority. After  the  board  approves  all  of  the  slatings,  all members and the president sign a written report of the board’s recommendations for selectees and the report is  submitted  to  CHNAVPERS  for  approval.    The content  of  the  report  must  certify  that  the  board complied with all instructions and directions contained in the precept and that the board carefully considered the case of every candidate whose name was furnished for  review.    Upon  CHNAVPERS  approval  of  the selectees,  a  NAVADMIN  message  is  prepared  and released to announce the selectees. During the board’s deliberations, records may be encountered  that  clearly  indicate  substandard performance or, in the board’s judgment, questionable advancement  recommendations.    In  such  cases,  the board is directed to identify and list those candidates. This  list  includes  the  candidate’s  name,  activity, r e p o r t i n g    s e n i o r ,    a n d    c o n c i s e    s u m m a r y    of circumstances.  Depending on the circumstances, such candidates  will  either  be  referred  to  the  Quality Control  Review  Board  or  the  command  will  be identified  to  senior  echelon  commanders  for  action deemed appropriate. Preparing for the Selection Board Candidates should ensure their COMNAVPERS- COM  official  microfiche  records  and  enlisted 5-10

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