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Page Title: Assignment 4: 19 - 28
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Assignment 4: 10 - 18 - 14134_437
Legalman 3 & 2 - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Assignment 4: 29 - 37
4-19. At  mast,  the  CO’s  determination  of the accused’s guilt is based on which of the following evidentiary foundations? 1. Preponderance  of  the  evidence 2. Credible  evidence 3. Findings of fact 4. Probable circumstances 4-20. Which of the following statements is  correct  regarding  the  presence of  personnel  representatives  and witnesses  at  an  NJP  hearing? 1. Civilians may be subpoenaed to attend 2. Witnesses from another command may be ordered to attend at the expense  of  their  witnesses 3. Witnesses from another command may be ordered to attend at the expense of the command holding the NJP 4. A civilian lawyer may represent the accused at an NJP hearing 4-21. The results of NJP may not be published  later  than  what  time period? 1. 1 month after the date an appeal  is  denied 2. 2 weeks after the NJP 3. 2 months after the NJP 4. 1 month after the appeal was submitted 4-22. Which of the following actions may be taken by a CO in conjunction with an NJP hearing? 1. Refer the case to an Article 32 pretrial   investigation 2. Dismiss the case with a warning 3. Postpone  the  action  pending further   investigation 4. Each of the above 4-23. An OIC’s NJP power is limited to that of a CO in which of the following  paygrade  ranges? 1. W1 - O2 2. O1 - O2 only 3. O2 - O3 only 4. O1 - O3 4-24. Which  of  the  following  NJP 4-25. 4-26. 4-27. 4-28. punishments  may  be  awarded  to  an E-3 enlisted accused by an OIC? 1. Correctional  custody  for  14 days 2. Correctional  custody  for  7  days 3. Restriction  for  15  days 4. Forfeiture of one-half of 1 month’s pay for 1 month What  maximum  number  of  punishments may be imposed at mast? 1. Five 2. Six 3. Seven 4. Eight Procedures  for  issuing  punitive letters may be found in which of the  following  publications? 1. U.S.  Navy  Regulations,  1990 2. MCM 3. JAGMAN 4. MILPERSMAN An officer placed on arrest in quarters may only be confined to his or her room under what condition? 1. The officer is stationed on board a ship 2. The  officer  has  been  relieved of all duties 3. The safety or the discipline of the ship requires it 4. The officer is in paygrade 03 or  below Which  of  the  following  statements is  correct  concerning  extra  duties? 1. Guard duty may not be assigned as extra duty 2. They  must  be  performed  during normal  working  hours 3. Any type of duty may be assigned 4. They are performed on all days except  holidays 24

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