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Page Title: Assignment 4: 29 - 37
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Assignment 4: 19 - 28
Legalman 3 & 2 - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Assignment 4: 38 - 46
4-29. A CO may defer confinement on bread and water for what maximum time period? 1. 1 month 2. 6 months 3. 3 days 4. 15 days 4-30. A member submits an appeal from mast and requests that punishment involving  restraint  be  stayed pending action on the appeal. When will  the  stay  take  effect? 1. Upon receipt of the appeal by the CO 2. 5 days after the appeal was submitted if no action is taken 3. 3 days after the appeal was submitted  if  no  action  is  taken 4. 15 days after the appeal was submitted if no action is taken 4-31. Which of the following NJP punishments  is  lawful? 1. Arrest in quarters and 10 days’ restriction 2. Confinement on bread and water and 15 days’ extra duty 3. Reduction in rate to E-2 and forfeiture of one-half of 1 month’s pay per month for 2 months 4. Correctional  custody  and  10 days’ extra duty 4-32. A CO who desires to set aside an NJP punishment must do so within what  maximum  number  of  months? 1. 1 2. 6 3. 3 4. 4 4-33. A letter of notification setting aside an NJP is addressed to what official? 1. Chief  of  Naval  Personnel 2. Officer  exercising  general court-martial jurisdiction 3. Cognizant  disbursing  officer 4. Cognizant personnel officer 4-34. A member serving an NJP punishment reaches his or her EAOS. What effect does this have on the punishment? 1. All punishment involving forfeitures  are  collected before  EAOS 2. All unexecuted punishment is remitted 3. All unexecuted punishment must be  mitigated 4. All unexecuted punishment is suspended 4-35. The  punishment  of  reduction  in  rate to E-2 may be mitigated to what punishment? 1. Correctional custody 2. Confinement on bread and water 3. Restriction 4. Forfeiture of pay 4-36. Which of the following statements is  correct  concerning  suspended punishments? 1. The running of the period of suspension  is  interrupted  by the  unauthorized  absence  of  the accused 2. The order vacating a suspended punishment must be issued within 5 days of the start of the  vacation  proceedings 3. An  executed  punishment  of forfeiture  may  be  suspended within  6  months  after  its execution 4. The  probationary  period  cannot exceed 4 months from the date of  suspension 4-37. Which of the following reasons may an accused properly use as a basis to  appeal  punishment  from  NJP? 1. More  than  one  punishment  was awarded  for  a  single  offense 2. The  punishment  was disproportionate  to  the  offense 3. The  accused  was  not  represented by a lawyer at mast 4. The  punishment  has  an  adverse effect  on  the  accused’s financial  obligations 25

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