Quantcast Assignment 6: 8 - 15

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Page Title: Assignment 6: 8 - 15
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Assignment 6: 1 - 7
Legalman 3 & 2 - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Assignment 6: 16 - 25
6-8. If the number of charges exceed the amount of room provided on a charge sheet, what action should be taken? 1. Continue the charges on a second  charge  sheet 2. Continue the charges on a separate  sheet  of  paper  and refer to it as enclosure (1) 3. Continue the charges on a separate sheet of paper and refer to it as attachment A 4. Prepare all charges on a separate  sheet  of  paper annotated    “see attached sheet” in part II of the charge sheet 6-9. The signature of the accuser should appear in what part of the charge sheet? 1.  I 2.  II 3. III 4.   IV 6-10. For what reason is an accused informed  of  the  charges  against  him or her? 1. To provide him or her with reasonable  notice  of  impending criminal  prosecution 2. To provide him or her with notice of what forum the charges  will  be  referred 3. To start the running of the speedy trial rule 4. To start the running of the statute  of  limitations 6-11. What is the purpose of the receipt certification  on  the  charge  sheet? 1. It starts the running of the speedy trial rule 2. It starts the running of the statute of limitations for the offense  charged 3. It stops the running of the statute  of  limitations  for  the offense  charged 4. It designates the type of court to which the case is being referred 6-12. What action should be taken once an SCM case has been referred to trial? 1. The  convening  order  is  prepared 2. The accused is informed of the charges 3. A  preliminary  inquiry  is conducted 4. The case file is sent to the SCM  officer 6-13. In what manner are minor changes 6-14. made to a charge sheet after referral to an SCM? 1. The change is made and the charges  are  resworn  and rereferred 2. The SCM officer and the accused initial the changes made 3. The  SCM  officer  makes pen-and-ink  changes  and  then initials  them 4. The  affected  charge  is withdrawn,  corrected,  and referred  as  an  additional charge Where  should  you  find  an  accused’s summary  court-martial  pretrial advice  rights? 1. On the charge sheet 2. JAGMAN 3. MCM, appendix 6 4. MCM,  appendix  9 Which of the following forms is used as the record of trial for a summary  court-martial? 1. DD Form 2329 2. DD Form 458 3. DD Form 457 4. DD Form 456 6-15. 34

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