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Page Title: Maintenance Requirements and Updating Procedures
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Using Publications - 14134_14
Legalman 3 & 2 - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Directives Issuance System
Naval  Data  Automation  Command  maintains  the system and provides for changes and presents them to SECNAV  for  issuance.  The  SSIC  outlines  the  process for  segregating  and  filing  Navy  and  Marine  Corps records and the single standard system of numbers and/or letter symbols used throughout the DON for categorizing  and  subject  classifying  information.  SSICs are  required  on  all  Navy  letters,  messages,  directives, forms,  and  reports. . Standard Organization and Regulations of the U.S. Navy  (SORM),   OPNAVINST   3120.32B—This publication is issued by CNO. It issues regulations and guidance  governing  the  conduct  of  all  members  of  the U.S. Navy. These regulations use two types of print— the material printed in uppercase is regulatory, and the material printed in plain type is for the guidance of commanders,  commanding  officers  (COs),  and  officers in charge (OICs). These regulations apply to each mem- ber of the Navy individually. Violation of any provision of  these  regulations  is  punishable  under  the  UCMJ. .  Department  of  the  Navy  Information  Security Program Regulations,  OPNAVINST  5510.1H—This publication is issued by CNO and is commonly referred to as the Security Manual. Its provisions apply to DON military  and  civilian  personnel  and  activities.  The Security  Manual  provides  personnel  with  regulations and  guidance  for  classifying  and  safeguarding  classi- fied information and for personnel security. . Standard Navy Distribution List (SNDL)—The SNDL is published by the CNO and provides for the proper addressing and distribution of mail to all activi- ties of the DON and provides a central distribution system  for  directives  and  correspondence.  The  SNDL is published in two parts and each part is issued sepa- rately. Part 1 is often referred to as the yellow pages and is entitled Standard Navy Distribution List, Operating Forces of the Navy, Unified and Specified Commands, U.S. Elements of International Command,  OPNAV- INST P09B2-107. The SNDL listings are identified by a two-digit number for each major group followed by one or more letters for each subgroup. Part 2 of the SNDL,  contained  in  the  publication  Catalog  of  Naval Shore Activties,  OPNAVINST  P09B2-105,  provides distribution lists for the Navy Department and all shore activities of the Naval Establishment. Each symbol represents a type of naval activity. Revisions  and  changes  to  the  SNDL  are  issued periodically, normally on a quarterly basis, by CNO. When issued, changes are of two types—page changes in the form of a supplement and serial changes. The supplements  are  sent  to  all  commands,  but  serial changes  are  provided  only  to  commands  handling  large volumes of mail that require up-to-date information. l Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR)—The JFTR is issued in three volumes, over the signatures of the Secretaries of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Transpor- tation, Commerce, and Health and Human Services through  the  Per  Diem,  Travel,  and  Transportation Allowance  Committee  that  operates  under  the  cogni- zance of the DOD. Volume 1 deals with travel of mem- bers of the uniformed services; volume 2 deals with travel  of  DOD  civilian  personnel;  and  volume  3  deals with personnel in the foreign service. The JFTR inter- prets  the  laws  and  regulations  concerning  travel,  the manner  in  which  transportation  is  furnished  to  person- nel, provisions for travel of dependents, transportation of  household  goods,  reimbursements  for  travel  ex- penses,  and  similar  information. .  Disbursing,  Administrative  and  Personnel  Man- ual (DAPMAN)—Formerly  the  Navy  Pay  and  Person- nel Procedures Manual  (PAYPERSMAN)  this  manual is issued jointly by the Office of the Comptroller of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Personnel. The DAPMAN contains detailed pay and personnel procedures for maintaining the Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS) for members of the Navy. You will use this manual to assist in the preparation of page 6s and 7s. .  Other  manuals-Certain  commands  have  manu- als dealing with technical subjects involved in their respective functions. If you are assigned to a department where one of these manuals is used, you should become acquainted  with  the  format  and  general  content. MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS AND UPDATING PROCEDURES No publication or directive can stay on the shelf for a long time without needing to be changed. Changes will  come  from  the  originator  as  reprinted  pages  that need to be inserted in place of the outdated pages or as pen-and-ink changes that require you to enter or delete information  by  hand.  Most  publications  contain  a  list  of effective pages. Part of your job is to make sure publi- cations are complete by checking each page number against the list. When you receive new pages as part of a change, a new list of effective pages is included and must be verified after you enter the change(s). Proper notations, such as CH-1, are entered in the upper right margin of the first page of each directive changed,  or  on  the  record-of-changes  sheet  for 1-5

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