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Page Title: Postmast Activity
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Endorsement  of  the  Reviewing  Authority - 14134_137
Legalman 3 & 2 - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Confinement  Order,  NAVPERS  1640/4 - 14134_139
required, and instructions for the disposition of the appeal  package  after  the  offender  receives  it.  The  en- dorsement  should  be  addressed  to  the  accused  via  the appropriate  chain  of  command.  Where  persons  not  in the  direct  chain  of  command  (such  as  finance  officers) are directed to take some corrective action, copies of the reviewer’s endorsement should be sent to them. Words of exhortation or admonition, if temperate in tone, are suitable for inclusion in the return endorsement of the reviewer. Via Addressee’s Return Endorsement If any via addressee has been directed by the re- viewer to take corrective action, the accomplishment of that action should be noted in that commander’s en- dorsement.  This  endorsement  should  reiterate  the  steps the reviewer directed the accused to follow in disposing of the appeal package. These instructions should always be to return the appeal to the appropriate commander for filing with the record of his or her case. See figure 5-13, section B, for an example of this endorsement. Accused’s Endorsement The  last  endorsement  should  be  from  the  accused to the CO holding the records of the NJP. See figure 5-13, section C. The endorsement will acknowledge receipt of the appeal decision and send the package back for filing. POSTMAST  ACTIVITY The LN may have duties in several distinct areas at the completion of NJP. The LN must make sure all necessary entries are made in the service record of the member  being  punished  and  must  provide  reports  for entries in the POD and the ship or station logbook. Finally, the LN maintains the UPB. EXECUTION OF NJP When punishment is imposed as a result of CO’s mast, that punishment must be recorded in the accused’s service  record.  Additionally,  depending  on  the  type  of punishment imposed, certain forms and/or letters must be prepared in conjunction with standard service record entries. The following discussion is provided to help you better understand the procedures for preparing these forms and letters used in conjunction with enlisted service  record  entries. Confinement Order When a member is awarded punishment that in- cludes confinement on bread and water or confinement on    diminished    rations,    a    Confinement    Order, NAVPERS 1640/4, must be prepared indicating the offense(s) committed, the time and date the confine- ment was directed, by whom and when the accused was given a medical examination, and who authorized the confinement. A sample of a completed confinement order is shown in figure 5-14. TEMADD Orders for Correctional Custody TEMADD orders must be prepared transferring the accused  to  the  correctional  custody  facility  under  the provisions of the  Manual  for  the  Administration  of Correctional Custody,  OPNAVINST 1640.7C. There are other administrative matters that must be completed when transferring an accused to a correctional custody Facility and the specific requirements can be found in OPNAVINST 1640.7C and in SECNAVINST 1640.7. Both instructions outline the requirements for placing a person into correctional custody and procedures for administering the same. Letter of Censure As previously discussed in this lesson, a CO may award  as  punishment  an  admonition  or  a  reprimand  to the accused. These can be either oral or written in the case of enlisted personnel, and in writing only in cases of  commissioned  and  warrant  officers.  If  the  admoni- tion or reprimand is to be written, the format shown in the JAGMAN should be used. When either of these types of letter of censure is prepared, careful attention to the requirements outlined in the JAGMAN should be followed.  When  the  admonition  or  reprimand  is  given orally, as in the case of enlisted personnel, the proper notation  must  be  made  on  the  NAVPERS  1626/7  and recorded in the Punishment Awarded section of the service record page being used to record the results of CO’s mast. NJP  of  Officers Before we look at the procedures for making service record entries for enlisted personnel, a brief discussion of the procedures involved when an officer receives NJP as a result of CO’s mast is needed. Whenever NJP is imposed upon an officer, the authority imposing the punishment immediately noti- fies PERS-82 by letter us soon as the results are final; 5-34

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