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Page Title: Punisment Imposed
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Confinement  Order,  NAVPERS  1640/4 - 14134_139
Legalman 3 & 2 - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Preparation of Enlisted Performance Record
number of record entries to record the action taken at mast. The manner in which service record entries must be made depends upon the nature of the offense and of the action  taken  by  the  CO.  Since  most  service  record entries must be prepared using optical character recog- nition (OCR) forms for inclusion into the Joint Uniform Military  Pay  System  (JUMPS),  you  should  become familiar with the use of OCR typewriters and proce- dures  for  preparing  the  OCR  document.  The  OCR  docu- ments  must  follow  exactly  the  procedures  outlined  in the Disbursing, Administrative, and Personnel Manual (DAPMAN),  NAVSO  P-3680. Let us now look at the procedures for recording the actions of a CO taken as a result of CO’s mast, including the procedures for preparing OCR documents. No  Punishment If the CO decides that the alleged offender has not committed the offense and dismisses the charge(s) or if it is found that the alleged offender is guilty but a decision is made that punishment is inappropriate and the offense is excused, you will make no entry in the member’s service record. There is one exception to this general  rule. Whenever the service record contains a UA entry, the  MILPERSMAN  requires  you  to  make  an  entry  on the service member’s page 13 showing the period of UA and the final action taken by the CO. Additionally, the MILPERSMAN also requires that you prepare a page 13 entry when there is a UA of less than 24 hours, and the  DAPMAN  requires  that  a  NAVPERS  1070/606  be prepared when there is a UA of more than 24 hours. If no punishment is awarded at CO’s mast for the UA, you must prepare an explanatory entry on a page 13 for UA periods of less than 24 hours, and on a NAVPERS 1070/606 when the UA period is for more than 24 hours. If  there  is  no  UA  involved,  and  no  punishment  is awarded aa a result of CO’s mast, then you will make no service record entries. When a CO refers a case to a court-martial from CO’s mast, do not make any service record entry unless the case involves a UA of the service member. When a UA case is referred to a court-martial, the DAPMAN requires you to make entries on a NAVPERS 1070/606 showing the UA. Punishment  Imposed Whenever NJP is imposed on enlisted members, a memorandum  entry  on  page  9  is  required  by  the MILPERSMAN. If the case is dismissed or excused, no service record entry on a page 9 is needed. An example of a page 9 entry is shown in figure 5-15. PUNISHMENT AFFECTING PAY.— The car- dinal principle here is that for every punishment that affects  the  member’s  pay,  you  must  prepare  a NAVPERS 1070/607. Punishments that affect pay are a reduction in rate and forfeiture of pay. An example of how to use the NAVPERS 1070/607 is shown in figure 5-16.  See  the  DAPMAN  for  detailed  instruction  on  its use along with numerous explanatory examples. Before turning to specific UA examples, there is one  general  requirement-—wherever  the  mast  results  in a reduction in rate, the MILPERSMAN requires a page 4 entry in addition to all other required entries. UA, Less Than 24 Hours.-– Because there is no lost time when a UA period is less than 24 hours, it is not necessary to prepare a NAVPERS 1070/ 606. You need only prepare a NAVPERS 1070/607 substantially as shown in figure 5-17. Because you will have a page 13 entry, it will, of course, be necessary to make another page 13 entry showing the end of UA. Do not put the NJP entry on a page   13 as it has been made on a NAVPERS   1070/607. UA, More Than 24 Hours.— In this case, you will have prepared a NAVPERS 1070/606 on the second day of UA. After the CO decides that the absence was both (1) unauthorized absence and (2)  not excused (both of which the CO must do before imposing any punishment that affects pay), you must complete blocks 38 though 42 of the NAVPERS 1070/606 as shown in figure 5-18. Do not record the punishment awarded in section 1. Instead,  you  will  show  the  punishment  awarded  on  a NAVPERS 1070/607 as shown in figure 5-19. PUNISHMENT   NOT   AFFECTING   PAY.— Again we must distinguish between offenses that in- volve lost time and those that do not. If the punishment does not affect the member’s pay (a punishment other than reduction or forfeiture) and does not involve lost time, you need only make a  page 13 entry as shown in figure 5-20. Other sample page 13 entries are given in the  MILPERSMAN. If  lost  time  is  involved,  you  will  need  to  complete the  NAVPERS  1070/606  that  initially  recorded  the  UA. Because  the  punishment  does  not  affect  pay,  it  is  not necessary to prepare a NAVPERS 1070/607. Reference to Court-Martial 5-36

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