Quantcast Recommendation of the Staff Judge Advocate or Legal Officer

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Page Title: Recommendation of the Staff Judge Advocate or Legal Officer
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Matters Submitted By the Accused - 14134_233
Legalman 3 & 2 - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Staff Judge Advocate’s Recommendation - 14134_235
stated previously for not more than an additional 20 days. Recommendation of the Staff Judge Advocate or  Legal  Officer In addition to the input from the accused, the CA must  receive  a  written  recommendation  from  his  or  her SJA or LO before taking action on a GCM or an SPCM involving  a  BCD. As  required  by  JAG/COMNAV- LEGSVCCOMINST  5814.1  an  SJA/legal  offficer recommendation  checklist  must  be  attached  to  the original  record  of  trial  at  this  point.  The  SJA/legal officer is responsible for using this form to assist in the preparation  of  the  recommendation. Care must be taken to make sure the SJA or the LO is   not   disqualified from   submitting   this recommendation. Disqualification will result when the SJA or the LO acted as a member, military judge, TC, assistant TC, or, more commonly, the investigating officer in the case. If the SJA or the LO is disqualified, the CA may request that another SJA be designated to prepare  the  recommendation. The purpose of this recommendation is to assist the CA in deciding what action to take on the case. The recommendation   must   be   a   concise   written communication  summarizing  the  following: .  The  findings  and  sentence  adjudged . A summary of the accused’s service record, to include length and character of service, awards and decorations received, and any records of nonjudicial punishment (NJP) and/or previous convictions . A statement of the nature and duration of any pretrial  restraint l A statement of any action the CA is obligated to take under a PTA or a statement on why the CA is not obligated  to  take  specific  action  under  the  agreement . A specific recommendation as to the action to be taken by the CA on the sentence Identifying  legal  errors  is  not  one  of  the  required goals of this recommendation. In cases of acquittal of all charges and specifications, and cases where the proceedings  were  terminated  before  findings  with  no further  action  contemplated,  the  SJA’s  or  the  LO’s recommendation  is  not  required. A   sample   letter   addressing   the   SJA’s recommendations  is  illustrated  in  figure  8-3. Before  you  send  the  record  of  trial  and  the recommendation of the SJA to the CA for action, the SJA or the LO will cause a copy of the recommendation to be served on the counsel for the accused. A separate copy will be served on the accused. If it is impractical to  serve  the  recommendation  on  the  accused,  the accused’s  copy  will  be  sent  to  the  accused’s  DC.  A statement will be attached to the record explaining why the  accused  was  not  personally  served.  Figure  8-4 shows  you  an  example  of  a  memorandum  forwarding the SJA’s recommendations to the DC. The DC must acknowledge receipt of the SJA’s recommendations. Figure  8-4,  enclosure  (2),  is  an  acknowledgement receipt that the DC must fill out and return to the SJA. This is for the purpose of determining the date the DC received  the  recommendations  of  the  SJA.  Figure  8-5 illustrates the type of letter to use for receipt of the SJA’s recommendations by the DC. The accused’s counsel has 10 days from the service of the record of trial or receipt of the recommendations, whichever is later, to submit written comments on the recommendation for consideration by the CA. These comments may include corrections or rebuttals to any matter in the recommendation believed to be erroneous, inadequate,  or  misleading,  and  may  comment  on  any other  matters  desired.  The  SJA  or  the  LO  may supplement  his  or  her  recommendation  based  upon  the DC’s  response.   Figure 8-6 is an example of a response from a DC to an SJA’s recommendation. Action By the Convening Authority The first official action to be taken with respect to the results of trial is the CA’s action. All materials submitted by the accused, the SJA and/or the LO, and the DC are preparatory to this official review. The CA may take action only after the applicable time periods have expired or the accused has waived the right to present  matters,  whichever  is  earlier.  As  required  by JAG/COMNAVLEGSVCCOMINST  5814.1,  use  the CA’s action checklist to assist in thc preparation of the CA’s action and attach this checklist to the original record of trial. The CA’s action is a legal document attached to the record of trial setting forth, in prescribed language, the CA’s decisions and orders with respect to the sentence, the  confinement  of  the  accused,  and  further  disposition of the case. The action will be signed personally by the CA, and the CA’s authority to sign will appear below his or her signature.   The action taken with respect to the sentence  is  a  matter  falling  within  the  CA’s  sole discretion. The CA may for any reason or no reason 8-6

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