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Page Title: Sample JAGMAN Investigation -Continued
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Sample  JAGMAN  Investigation - 14134_361
Legalman 3 & 2 - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Sample JAGMAN Investigation -Continued
4. The vehicle driven by Mr. Franco was a 1978 Fiat 132, Naples registration NA 99999 [encl (2)]. 5. The vehicle driven by Mr. Garllino was a 1992 BMW, Rome registration ROMA 12345 [encl (2)]. 6. YNSN Jane A. Doe, USN, was a passenger in the vehicle driven by Mr. Garllino [encls (2) and (3)]. 7. YNSN Jane A. Doe, USN, and Mr. Garllino were both wearing seat belts at the time of the accident [encls (2) and (3)]. 8. Early in the evening of 27 August 1994, YNSN Doc and Mr. Garllino went to The Castle, a nightclub in Gaeta, Italy [encls (2) and (3)]. 9. Over the course of several hours at The Castle, Mr. Garllinu consumed approximately one and one-half bottles of Asti Spumonte champagne and YNSN Doe drank approximately one-half bottle of Asti Spumonte [encls (2) and (3)]. 10. Mr. Garllino and YNSN Doe left The Castle at approximately 0310 on 28 August 1994 [encls (2) and (3)]. 11. Upon leaving The Castle, Mr. Garllino drove the vehicle away from the nightclub [encl (3)]. 12. Upon entering Mr. Garllino’s vehicle, and “without thinking,” YNSN Doe permitted Mr. Garllino to drive  his  vehicle  [encl  (3)]. 13. After leaving The Castle, entering the vehicle, and driving away, Mr. Garllino proceeded up the Tangenzilla at an “excessively high speed” for the road conditions [encl (3)]. 14. The posted speed limit on the Tangenzilla was 120 km [encl (2)]. 15. YNSN Doe attempted to get Mr. Garllino to pull over and allow her to drive, or to at least slow down, but Mr. Garllino failed to comply with her request [encls (2) and (3)]. 16. The road was covered with dew and the weather was foggy [encls (2) and (3)]. 17. Mr. Garllino turned north off of the Tangenzilla onto Via Pacheria and began to slide into the southbound lane of Via Pacheria, Gaeta, Italy [ends (2) and (3)]. 18.  Upon  going  into  the  southbound  lane  of  Via  Pacheria,  Mr.  Garllino  lost  control  of  the  vehicle  and struck the oncoming vehicle driven by Mr. Franco [encls (2) and (3)]. 19. The speed of Mr. Garllino’s vehicle at the time of the accident was 80-100 km [encls (2) and (3)]. 20. As a result of the collision, YNSN Doe sustained injuries to her pelvic area and right sacroiliac (lower back) and suffered a mild concussion [encl (4)]. 21. Mr. Garllino and Mr.  Franco reported no major injuries. Mr. Franco had only a few minor abrasions to his face [encl (2)]. 22.  As a result of YNSN Doe’s injuries, she was transported to the Saint Benzollini Hospital, Gaeta, Italy, on 28 August 1994 [encls (2) and (3)]. Figure 13-5.-Sample JAGMAN investigation—Continued. 13-12

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