Quantcast Separation in Lieu of Trial by Court-Martial

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Page Title: Separation in Lieu of Trial by Court-Martial
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Civilian Conviction (Processing not Mandatory)
Legalman 3 & 2 - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Separation in the Best Interest of the Service - 14134_276
voluntary self-referral program. Send all cases, except those where a TWSR or an ELS is assigned, to the Chief of  Naval  Personnel  via  the  Enlisted  Performance Division (PERS-83) for final approval. For members not in an entry level status, characterization of service as honorable is not authorized unless the member’s record  is  otherwise  so  meritorious  that  any  other characterization  would  be  inappropriate. Use the administrative board procedure. COs with SPCM CA may process a member under the notification procedure  when  separation  processing  is  based  solely on  urinalysis  results  (fitness  for  duty).  Send  the processed case by letter of transmittal or message to the Chief  of  Naval  Personnel  (PERS-83). You  must  include  a  medical  officer’s  or  clinical psychologist’s  evaluation  of  the  member’s  drug dependency  as  evaluated  subsequent  to  the  most  recent drug incident with the case. For additional guidance on separation processing by reason of misconduct due to drug abuse, refer to the MILPERSMAN. SEPARATION IN LIEU OF TRIAL BY COURT-MARTIAL This category provides for a member to request separation in lieu of trial by court-martial. Charges must have been preferred against the accused with respect to an offense for which a punitive discharge is authorized to be awarded. The member’s CO must determine that the member is unqualified for further naval service. If a member is serving in paygrade E-4 or above, he or she must also request administrative reduction to paygrade  E-3  before  the  request  is  approved. Characterization of service will normally be OTH, but ELS maybe assigned under certain cases. Refer to the MILPERSMAN for the proper format for the member to use to submit the request. Send the request for discharge via the chain of command  to  the  officer  exercising  general  court-martial jurisdiction   (OEGCMJ).   The   member’s   CO   must recommend approval or disapproval and certify the accuracy   of   the   charges   and   enclose   the   proper enclosures. The   OEGCMJ   is   authorized   to   approve   or disapprove  such  requests.  The  OEGCMJ  may  alSO order the discharge executed and direct reduction to paygrade  E-3  if  the  member  is  serving  in  a  higher paygrade. When final action is taken, send the original request with all enclosures and endorsements to the Chief of Naval   Personnel   (PERS-83)   for   inclusion   in   the member’s permanent record. For additional guidance on separation processing by reason of separation in lieu of court-martial, refer to the MILPERSMAN. SECURITY This  category  permits  separation  of  a  member  by reason of security when retention is clearly inconsistent with the interests of national security (for example, cases of treason or espionage). Recommendations for separation must cite valid evidence that there is a reasonable basis for doubting the member’s loyalty to the U.S. Government. When a CO determines that separation may be appropriate, obtain approval from the Chief of Naval Personnel (PERS-81) before  initiating  separation  processing. Characterization  of  service  will  be  honorable, general, or OTH. Use the notification procedure except where circumstances warrant an OTH in which case use the administrative board procedure. The Chief of Naval Personnel (PERS-81) is the separation authority. Send the processed case by letter of transmittal to the Chief of  Naval  Personnel  (PERS-81). For additional guidance on separation processing by reason of security, refer to the MILPERSMAN. UNSATISFACTORY PERFORMANCE IN THE READY RESERVE This  category  permits  separation  of  inactive  duty members of the Ready Reserve who are serving in the Selected  Reserve  for  unsatisfactory  participation  in  the Selected  Reserve. Characterization  of  service  will  be  honorable, general,  or  OTH. Use the notification procedure. However, when characterization of OTH is warranted, use the administrative board procedures. Send the processed  case  by  letter  of  transmittal  to  the  Chief  of Naval  Personnel  (PERS-913). For additional guidance on separation processing by reason of unsatisfactory performance Reserve, refer to the MILPERSMAN. in the Ready 9-13

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