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Page Title: Unit Punishment Book
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Sample Letter of Instruction for Carrying Out Punitive Restriction - 14134_148
Legalman 3 & 2 - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Checklist  for  Report  Chit/NJP  Processing
with the nearest command that does have the facilities to properly administer restriction, and in these cases you may be required to prepare TEMADD orders for the period of punishment. UNIT  PUNISHMENT  BOOK The UPB contains a record of all NJP hearings conducted by a command, not just those in which pun- ishment was awarded, and is required by the MILPERS- MAN. The form that is used to record NJP hearings is the  NAVPERS  1626/7.  When  all  actions  have  been completed on a particular NJP hearing, the space pro- vided  in  the  final  administrative  action  portion  of  the NAVPERS 1626/7 (see section J of fig. 5-1) that indi- cates when the case record is filed in the UPB should be filled out. Though there is no requirement to do so, it is good administrative practice to attach all relevant docu- ments on that particular case to the NAVPERS 1626/7. There are no specific instructions as to what manner these cases should be filed in the UPB; however, the suggested procedure is to file cases in alphabetical order, chronological order by date, or a combination of both. LOG ENTRIES The Standard  Organization  and  Regulations  of the  U.S.  Navy,  (SORM),   OPNAVINST   3120.32B, prescribes the log entry for mast results afloat. Such an entry should be substantially in the format for the POD entry,  and  you  should  provide  this  information  to  the officer of the deck (OOD) for inclusion in the deck log. Although there is no Navywide requirement for log- books ashore, you will find that logs are kept ashore pursuant to local instructions. Unless these local in- structions require a different format, you should provide information about the mast results to the OOD in the same format that is used afloat. SUMMARY NJP is the lowest form of discipline available to COs to aid them in maintaining good order and disci- pline within the Navy. As you can see from the preced- ing discussions, there are many considerations when the various aspects of NJP are carried out. It is important for you, as an LN, to keep abreast of all the requirements and procedures associated with the proper administra- tion of NJP because of its effect upon individuals as well as its effect upon the Navy. A checklist for report chit/NJP processing, figure 5-23, is provided for you as a guide in helping you to carry  out  all  the  responsibilities  inherent  in  NJP  pro- ceedings. 5-45

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