Quantcast Ship, Station, or Staff Judge Advocate Office

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Page Title: Ship, Station, or Staff Judge Advocate Office
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Chapter 14 Office Organization and Management - 14135_375
Legalman 1 & C - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Correspondence and Directives - 14135_377
Review   court-martial   records,   records   of investigation,   and   nonjudicial   punishment appeals Provide advice on all legal matters, including legal  assistance Maintain liaison with local, state, and federal courts and law enforcement agencies When  appropriate,  provide  advice  on  admiralty matters,  international  law,  environmental  law, labor  law,  litigation,  and  jurisdictional  questions NLSOs provide the previous services as requested by commands when the requesting command does not have the necessary legal personnel assigned. Functional responsibilities  do  not  include  business  and  commercial law  matters  under  the  cognizance  of  the  Office  of General   Counsel. Each  NLSO  has  five  major departments   within   its   organizational   structure: Military  Justice,   Command    Services/Administrative Law,  Claims,  Command  Administration,  and  Legal Assistance. Additional  or  fewer  departments  may  he necessary as determined by local conditions. When a detachment or branch office is assigned to an NLSO, these offices provide the services required to help the parent NLSO meet its responsibilities. The detachment acts as an extension of the parent NLSO and is directly responsible to the CO of the parent NLSO. SHIP, STATION, OR STAFF JUDGE ADVOCATE OFFICE In addition to NLSOs and their detachments, you may work at a ship, station, or an SJA office, usually at the  convening  authority  (CA)  or  officer  exercising general  court-martial  jurisdiction  (OEGCMJ)  level. OEGCMJs are the reviewing authorities for the CAs placed  under  their  jurisdiction.  These  offices  are usually small, independent offices. They provide the primary  legal  advice  and  services  required  by  the commands to which they are assigned or, as in the case of reviewing authorities, are the offices that handle all reviewing  requirements  for  the  CAs  under  their command. You may have one or two LNs assigned to you, but it is just as likely that you maybe the only LN at  the  command.  Most  of  the  work  in  these  offices concerns military justice and investigations, but you should  also  know  how  to  handle  claims  and  legal assistance. ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES When you begin work in a new billet, whether it be in an NLSO or an SJA office, one of your first jobs is to learn as much as possible about your organization. You should learn what the primary functions of your office arc and what duties it performs as well as its relationship to   the   overall   command   organization.   After   you understand the function of your office; for example, claims, military justice, or legal assistance, you will see how your own duties, and those of your subordinates, fit into these functions. Thinking  of  your  office  in  relation  to  your  ship  or station,   you   should   study   the   ship   or   station organization, and the names, titles, and ranks of those above your office in the chain of command. You should know which other offices relate to yours in their duties. You also should learn what reports arc due and in what form.  To  understand  the  Navywide  program  of  which you  are  a  part,  study  the  publications  related  to  your work. Remember, as the supervisor it will be ultimately your responsibility to be sure each of your subordinates is knowledgeable in these areas as well. OFFICE  MANAGER Traditionally, an office manager’s job has been viewed  as  the  planning,  organizing,  directing,  and controlling of his or her operations so the activity can carry out its mission. Many modern management authorities consider this concept inadequate because it fails to recognize the major role people play in achieving the objectives of the activity. To get the job done, managers organize, direct, and   attempt   to   control   the   activities   of   people. Therefore,  many  management  authorities  prefer  a concept of a manager as someone who is responsible for matching the interests and needs of the people with those of  the  activity  or  command.  Assuming  enough resources  are  available,  managing  people  is  the  central and most important managerial task. ASSIGNING PERSONNEL After  interviewing  your  personnel  and  reviewing their service records, you should have a good idea of their   experience   level,   past   performance,   and knowledge of the duties associated with the LN rating. All LNs are expected to perform the duties of their rating at the rate level they hold. This is a necessary condition  of  naval  organizations,  but  it  should  not prevent you from remembering that each individual has 14-2

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