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Page Title: Telephone Receptionist Checklist
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Confidential and Privileged Character of Service Provided
Legalman 1 & C - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Telephone Receptionist Checklist -Continued
ATTORNEY-CLIENT  RELATIONS The  very  nature  of  legal  assistance  requires  good rapport between the legal assistance attorney, the LN, and  the  client. Striving  for  greater  respect  and understanding is a necessary ingredient of a successful legal  assistance  program. For naval personnel to have faith and confidence in their lawyer and the LN, they must first know them and understand their services. It is at the level of daily contacts  with  clients  that  the  greatest  opportunities  for fostering good rapport exist. Following are suggestions for developing such relations in these daily contacts. First Impressions Very often a client’s first impression of a Navy lawyer is obtained through a telephone call or a visit to the legal assistance office. As an LN, you should try to clean, comfortable, and efficient looking? Do you and the other personnel working in the outer office appear to   be   competent   and   friendly?   Are   the   offices soundproof enough in the form of carpets, curtains, and other  materials  so  that  clients’  problems  can  be discussed quietly, discreetly, and in private? The clients’ waiting  room  as  well  as  the  lawyer’s  private  office should  present  a  professional  appearance. The  LN’s  telephone  manners  are  very  important.  A voice  with  a  smile  can  encourage  a  prospect  to  follow up his or her phone call with a visit. A gruff or impatient telephone reception can discourage a prospective client from  ever  seeing  the  legal  assistance  attorney.  By providing   the   receptionist   with   a   checklist,   the receptionist’s contribution to the operation of the legal assistance office can be materially increased and the job made more interesting as well. See figure 11-1 for a see your office as others might see it. Is it businesslike, sample  checklist. TELEPHONE   RECEPTIONIST   CHECKLIST NOTE:   The individual subject-matter checklists should be transcribed onto a rotary card file (or onto 3 x 5 cards) and be available on the telephone receptionist’s desk. Any change  to  the  checklist,  or  addition  of  new  subject-matter  checklists,  should be made in the receptionist’s card file promptly. 1. WILLS AND ESTATES a. Existing wills and codicils to existing wills b.  Existing  wills  and  codicils  to  existing  wills  of  spouse c. Record of Emergency Data (or copy) d.  Insurance policies or detailed list including name of company, type of insurance, amount of coverage, name of beneficiary, and policy number(s) e. Deeds f.  Stocks and trends or detailed list of investments and savings 2. DOMESTIC RELATIONS a.  Matrimonial (1)  Certificate of marriage, or date and place of marriage, presiding official and name and address of at least  one  witness (2)   Copies of any prior court papers concerning the marriage, support, and so forth (3)    Itemized budget containing all sources and amounts of income and average monthly expenses and  obligations b.  Adoption (1)  Birth  certificate  of  child (2) Any court or agency papers concerning the custody, support, or adoption of the child Figure 11-1.—Telephone receptionist checklist. 11-3

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