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Page Title: Glossary: F
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FIESTA—(Spanish) Designates a special recipe used on holidays in Spain. FILET—(French)  Designates  a  French  method  of dressing fish, poultry, or meat to exclude bones and include whole muscle strips. The English term is fillet. FILET   CHATEAUBRIAND—Extra   thick   filet mignon, Russian style, baked in the oven. FILET  MIGNON—May  be  tenderloin  of  beef, mutton,  veal,  or  pork. FINGER ROLL—A bun about 5 inches by 1 inch in size. FLOUR: BLEACHED   FLOUR—Flour   that   has   been treated by a chemical to remove its natural color and make it white. BOLTING—Sifting  of  ground  grain  to  remove  the bran and coarse particles. CLEAR  FLOUR—Lower  grade  and  higher  ash content  flour  remaining  after  the  patent  flour has been separated. PATENT  FLOUR—The  flour  made  from choice, inner portion of the wheat grain. STRAIGHT   FLOUR—Flour   containing   all wheat  grain  except  the  bran,  termed percent. STRONG  FLOUR—One  that  is  suitable  for the the 100 the production  of  bread  of  good  volume  and  quality because  of  its  gas  retaining  qualities. WATER  ABSORPTION—The  ability  of  flour  to absorb water. Factors that affect this ability are age of the flour, moisture content, wheat from which  it  is  milled,  storage  conditions,  and milling  process. FLUFF—A mass of beaten egg white, air, and crushed fruit. FOAM—Mass of beaten egg and sugar, as in sponge cake before the flour is added. FOLD IN—To combine ingredients very gently with an up-and-over motion, lifting one ingredient up through the others. FONDUE—A dish made of melted cheese, butter, eggs, milk,  and  bread  crumbs.  The  dish  has  many variations. FOOD   INFECTION—A   foodborne   illness   that   is obtained from ingesting foods carrying bacteria that later multiply within the body and produce disease. FOOD   POISONING—Food   intoxication.   A foodbome illness contracted through ingesting food containing  some  poisonous  substance. FOO    YOUNG—(Chinese)    A    dish    made    with scrambled  eggs  or  omelet  with  cut  Chinese vegetables, onions, and meat. Usually, the dish is served with a sauce. FORMULA—In baking, a recipe giving ingredients, amounts to be used, and the method of preparing the finished  product. FRANCONIA—(German)   An   ancient   German territory.  In  culinary  sense,  means  “browned,”  as whole potatoes browned with roast. FREEZE   DRYING—Drying   method   where   the product is first frozen and then placed in a vacuum chamber (freeze dehydration). Aided by small controlled  inputs  of  thermal  or  microwave  energy, the moisture in the product passes directly from the ice-crystalline  state  to  moisture  vapor  and  is evacuated. FRENCH  BREAD—An  unsweetened,  crusty  bread, baked in a narrow loaf, and containing little or no shortening. FRENCHING—A method of preparing boneless veal or pork chops by flattening with a cleaver. FRICASSEE—To  cook  by  braising;  usually  applied  to poultry or veal cut into pieces. FRITTERS—Originally a small portion of fruit dipped in batter and fried. The term now includes plain fried balls of batter or balls containing chopped meat,  poultry,  fruit,  or  vegetables. FRIZZLE—To cook in a small amount of fat until food is crisp and curled at the edges; a meat crimped, frizzed, or curled at the edges, as frizzled dried beef and  scrambled  eggs. FRY—To cook in hot fat. When a small amount of fat is  used,  the  process  is  known  as  panfrying  or sautéing; when food is partially covered by the fat, shallow  frying;  and  when  food  is  completely covered,  deep-fat  frying. FUMIGANT—A gaseous or colloidal substance used to  destroy  insects  or  pests. FUNGICIDE—An  agent  that  destroys  fungi. AII-5

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