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Page Title: Index of Recipes
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Mess Management Specialist 1 & C - Military manual for maintaining a mess hall
General Information Card (front and back) - 14163_109
used for the makeup of piecrust for a one-crust pie and a  two-crust  pie.  This  guideline  card  eliminates  the  need to  repeat  this  information  on  the  many  different  recipes using piecrust. Guideline  cards  in  the  salad,  fish,  poultry,  and vegetable  sections  include  breakout  information  and  the size, count, and recommended use of products. In other instances, a guideline card is used instead of, or as a summary of, recipe information. For instance, in the Vegetable  section  guideline  cards  are  included  for preparing canned, fresh, and frozen vegetables. INDEX CARDS.— Index cards are found at the beginning of each section and give a complete listing in alphabetical order by type of food or dish of all recipes contained  in  that  section. An  additional  breakdown  of  the  index  is  given  for recipe variations. For example, under Yellow Cake, nine variations are listed alphabetically. Indexes are valuable tools for finding and using appropriate recipes. INDEX   OF   RECIPES.—   The   separate, consolidated index of recipes in the AFRS is a valuable reference for menu planners. The recipes in this index are  grouped  conveniently  as  follows: A.  General  Information B. Appetizers and C. Beverages D. Breads and Sweet Doughs E. Cereals and Pasta Products F. Cheese and Eggs G. Cakes, Fillings, and Frostings H.  Cookies l. Pastry and Pies J. Puddings and Other Desserts K  Desserts  (Sauces  and  Toppings) L.  Meat L. Fish L. Poultry M.  Salads M. Salad Dressings and Relishes N.  Sandwiches O. Sauces, Gravies, and Dressings P. Soups Q. Vegetables The  General  Information  section  of  the  AFRS  has guidelines for basic information. One of the first things you should do is become familiar with this section. Shown in figure 5-4 is a copy of the general information index card that lists the recipe card number by the basic information  topic. Recipe Adjustments All the recipes contained in the AFRS are based on a standard of 100 portions. However, the number of  patrons  served  per  day  (or  per  meal)  changes constantly, requiring changes in the quantities of food being prepared. There  are  various  types  of  recipe adjustments. YIELD   ADJUSTMENT.—  To  increase  or decrease  a  recipe  to  obtain  the  desired  number  of portions, it is necessary to obtain a working factor. Multiply the quantity of each ingredient by the working factor and convert the quantity into a workable unit as follows: Step  1.  To  obtain  a  working  factm,  divide  the number of portions desired by 100. Example: 348 (number portions desired) = 3.48 (working factor) or 100 348 ÷ 100 = 3.48. Step 2. To determine the quantity of each ingredient to use, multiply the quantity of each ingredient listed in the recipe by the working factor obtained in step 1. Example: 1.25 cornstarch (quantity in recipe) x 3.48 (working factor) = 4.35 lb cornstarch (quantity to use). QUANTITY  ADJUSTMENT.—  A  recipe  maybe adjusted on the basis of the quantity of an ingredient to be used. To obtain a working factor, divide the number of pounds you have to use by the number of pounds required to yield 100 portions: 102 lb (quantity to be used) 30 (number pounds to yield 100 portions) = (3.40 working factor) or 102 ÷ 30 = 3.40. SERVING SIZE ADJUSTMENT.— Recipes  may be adjusted to yield a specific number of portions of a specific  size  as  follows: Step 1. Divide the desired portion size by standard portion of the recipe. 5-6

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