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Page Title: Presentation Factors
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Menu Planning
Mess Management Specialist 1 & C - Military manual for maintaining a mess hall
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cruises should be planned well in advance to assure balanced  stocks  that  will  enable  you  to  prepare nutritious meals. The choice of preparation of foods to be served will also depend upon the galley equipment, the number of personnel to be fed, and the number of MSs on duty. Menus  may  be  more  elaborate  if  laborsaving equipment is available and a sufficient number of MSs are on duty to allow for the preparation of last-minute items. In summary, determining the choice of menu items  should  include  the  following  considerations: . The type and capacity of the galley equipment l The number of personnel to be fed . The number of workers in the galley Avoid menus that require too much last-minute preparation. Plan a balance between the foods that can be  prepared  in  advance  without  deteriorating  in  quality and those that must be prepared just before serving time. Presentation Factors Foods that look good and complement each other always have an advantage over those that are less attractive,  even  though  they  may  be  equally  well prepared and nutritious. Learn to choose and combine foods in such a way as to achieve variety and harmony, both   in   appearance   and   flavor.   The   following suggestions will help you: l  Vary  the  methods  of  preparation  of  the  food served.  Carrots,  for  example,  can  be  served  raw, buttered, french fried, seasoned with lemon juice, or combined with peas. . Consider the color of the food selected. Choose colors that look well together. Avoid too many foods of the same color at any one meal. .  Avoid  the  use  of  unsuitable  colors  for  food. Serve  interesting  combinations  of  flavors.  Combine mild and strong flavors but do not kill a delicate flavor with an unsuitable flavor combination. Avoid using the same flavor twice in the same meal. l Combine different shapes such as diced potatoes, sliced meats, and leafy vegetables. l Do not plan all soft, dry, or moist foods for any one meal. Vary the texture. .  Review  the  cycle  menu  each  time  it  is  used. Generally, avoid having the same meal on the same day of  every  week. MENU-PLANNING  TOOLS The skill of the menu planner is reflected in the meals  served  in  the  Navy. Developing  skill  in appraising  operating  conditions,  food  acceptance,  and food supplies in terms of potential meals is a demanding and responsible task. To accomplish these tasks, you should  develop  the  following  skills: c l l l Gain   basic   knowledge   of   menu-planning principles Balance  meals  in  nourishing  and  attractive combinations  of  foods Keep food costs with.unjustifiable limitations and prescribed  monetary  allowances Plan  for  efficient  food  supply  management  and logistics Flexibility and adaptability are essential to the proper planning of meals. Rarely will you be able to use standard  menus.  The  foods  that  are  written  into  your ship’s menu should vary as operating conditions vary. Even ships of the same type as yours, operating under the same conditions and in the same area, probably could not use exactly the same menus. The ability to adapt menus is a skill you must acquire. The  most  important  sources  of  guidance  for  menu planning  are  described  in  this  section. Food-Preparation   Worksheet The  Food-Preparation  Worksheet,  NAVSUP  Form 1090, is a very important document and should be properly  maintained. This form serves as a written directive between the leading MS and the personnel on watch.  A  food-preparation  worksheet  should  be prepared for each space in which food is prepared. The food-preparation worksheet will prove its worth to you when you use it regularly because it provides much information  and  guidance. The  worksheet  helps  reveal  the  strengths  and weaknesses of the menu. When the preparation of the daily menu is plotted on a worksheet, weaknesses and bottlenecks stand out vividly. For example, you may find that all menu items are to be prepared in the same three steam-jacketed kettles or that the three main menu 7-11

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