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Page Title: Special Space Problems
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from the bulkhead along both the long sides of the space. Also, a 30-inch passageway should be provided down the center of the space. Study figure 12-5 and notice the allowances that will have to be made for the coils and passageway. In addition, the lights extend down 7 inches from the overhead, and gratings 8 inches high were placed on deck as shown in figure 12-5, the side view. To find the cubical capacity of this storage space, write down the actual dimensions of the space. Then subtract the dimensions of the allowances you will need to make, like this. Using the new dimensions, proceed as before. 22 1/2 x 10 3/4 x 8 1/2 = 2,055 15/16 cubic feet. You may have a storage space shaped like the one shown in figure 12-6. First, you will have to get the average  width  by  adding  the  two  widths  together  and dividing by 2. Then complete the problem by multiplying this average width by the length and by the height. 16’ x 16’ x 10’= 2.560 cubic feet. Special Space Problems Some food items, such as frozen meats, should be kept in a special type of storage. The capacity of these spaces  limits  the  amounts  you  may  order. When planning for an extended cruise, you may find that freeze space on your ship is not adequate to store the total meat requirements. You will want to load Figure  12-6.-Irregular  space. canned meats to supplement your frozen meat supply. The Table of Substitution Factors for Custom Foods lists the factors to use when converting pounds of frozen meat items to canned meat counterparts. This table can be found in the NAVSUP P-486, volume I, appendix G. REQUISITIONING FOOD ITEMS GMs ashore and ships in port normally submit requisitions  for  authorized  food  items  found  in  the  FSC to the nearest naval supply support activity. Deployed ships  should  submit  requisitions  to  a  store  ship  (AF), combat store ship (AFS), fast combat store ship (AOE), or  other  afloat  activity.  When  normal  sources  are  not available, food items may be procured by transfer from other   military   sources   and   the   United   States Government departments. Food items such as fresh dairy  products  and  commercially  prepared  bakery products,  as  authorized,  normally  are  procured  in  the United States by placement of delivery orders against indefinite-type contracts. Material is taken up as a receipt from purchase. Brand name contracts (Defense Logistics Agency Supply Bulletin, SB10-500) are not authorized for use in procuring food items for the GM. Further  information  concerning  sources  of  supply, procurement, and local restrictions are contained in the Procurement section of the NAVSUP P-486, volume 1. The bulk of your food items will be procured by submitting requisitions using the DOD Single Line Item Requisition Document, DD Form 1348 or 1348m, or applicable requisition documents as required by the supply  support  activity. Mechanized  Method Nonautomated  activities  receiving  semiperishable food items from a mechanized supply activity within the United  States  are  provided  prepunched  and  interpreted decks (computerized cards) of the DOD Single Line Item Request Issue Document (Mechanical), DD Form 1348m, for all semiperishable food items authorized for use in Navy GMs. Automated  customer  activities  do  not  receive prepunched decks of DD Form 1348m from the supply point.  Such  activities  prepare  their  own  requisitions. Any requisitioner may choose to submit manually pre- pared requisitions using the DD Single Line Item Re- quisition System Document (Manual), DD Form 1348. Supply activities with mark-sensing equipment may vary  local  procedures  as  necessary  for  maximum  usage of mark-sensing capability. However, the requisition cards  should  be  of  a  type  and  format  universally acceptable  to  all  mechanized  activities. 12-8

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