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Page Title: Welcome Aboard Pamphlets
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Front Desk - 14163_231
Mess Management Specialist 1 & C - Military manual for maintaining a mess hall
Transient Fact Sheet - 14163_233
of duties. Each duty should be explained separately and should be broken down into detail. The   front   desk   clerk   has   the   following responsibilities: l Must know the charges that must be collected from certain categories of guests. List of charges also should be posted at the front desk. l Handles service and other charge payments for the BQ billeting fund. .  Must  be  instructed  on  how  to  prepare  and complete   BOQ   and   BEQ   registration   cards   and computerized  forms. l  Must  be  courteous,  tactful,  and  maintain  a standard method to welcome the incoming residents. The front desk clerk must be familiar with and have read the Navy  Customer  Service  Manual,  NAVEDTRA 10119-B1. l  Administers  the  provisions  of  NAVPERS  15606 and all pertinent Navy and local BQ instructions. .  Provides  check-in  and  check-out  service  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. . Maintains locator file. . Assigns all personnel (permanent and transient) to  adequate  rooms  or  space  according  to  the  BQ occupancy  plan. .  Prepares  and  compiles  the  daily  utilization worksheet. . Coordinates and monitors public works trouble call  logbook  if  a  maintenance  coordinator  is  not assigned. .  Maintains  strict  and  accountable  room  key controls  for  the  entire  BQ.  Refer  to  the  NAVPERS 15606 for detailed information on actual BQ key control procedures. . Acts as the BQ officer’s representative during nonworking  hours. l Acts as cashier, handles all incoming funds, and cashes  personal  checks  of  the  residents. . Acts as custodian of all lost and found articles. Maintains records at the front desk. Periodically posts a list of items on the bulletin boards, publicizing items that have been found. . Makes sure sundry items, if sold at the front desk, are available to meet the patron’s requirements. This is done for the convenience of the patron regardless of the hour that the patron may request this service. The front desk clerk should make every effort to furnish guests with information that will be helpful to them during their stay at the activity. Bulletin boards and  comprehensive  information  brochures  or  welcome aboard  pamphlets  must  be  standard  procedures  in  all BQs. WELCOME  ABOARD  PAMPHLETS.—   The front desk clerk must make sure all residents of the BQ who are reporting for permanent duty receive a welcome aboard pamphlet. This pamphlet is the primary source of information for residents and should be provided during check-in. To be effective, the welcome aboard pamphlet  should  be  directed  toward  the  BQ  occupant and kept to a readable size. The BPO should review the pamphlet with the new resident and answer questions that may arise. A transient fact sheet maybe provided to all personnel in a transient status to reduce costs. Transient fact sheets cost much less to produce than full welcome aboard pamphlets. The  following  items  are  mandatory  for  a  welcome aboard  pamphlet: l l l l l l l l Copy of the BQ regulations List   of   all   services   provided   (exchanges, churches, special services) and their hours of operation Base  map Civilian  and  military  transportation  available  and schedules  of  this  transportation Phone numbers of all emergency and service organizations Any information about environmental factors such as hurricane conditions, excessive hot or cold periods or seasons, possible flooding, and dangerous  animals The warning signals for any emergency situation must also be given Applicable  service  charges  for  rooms Additional Items.— The command also should consider  including  the  following: l  Off-base  recreation  available . Command letter of welcome 10-10

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