Quantcast Care and Cleaning of a Coffee Urn

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Page Title: Care and Cleaning of a Coffee Urn
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Operation of the Automatic Twin Coffee  Urn To brew coffee, turn thermostat dial to the BREW position. Observe dial thermometer on front of the urn. When brewing temperature is at the high end of brew zone on dial, the urn is ready to brew coffee. Place paper filter or muslin leecher bag in brew basket. Place desired amount of coffee in filter (use urn grind coffee in 3-gallon urn and regular grind in larger urns), replace cover, and place brew basket in position over coffee liner. When using muslin bag, be sure bag is soaked with cold water before using, and, if a new bag, be sure to wash out all sizing with warm water. Swing spray arm from the PARK position over brew basket and center spray nozzle over brew basket. Push timer knob. After the timer has completed its cycle, the orange brewing light will go out, showing that the proper amount  of  water  has  been  sprayed.  Within  3  minutes the brew basket with spent coffee grounds should be removed from urn. To do so, swing spray arm back to center PARK position. The spray arm should always be parked in this center position so expansion drippage will go back into tank. Do not leave the brew basket in liner over 5 minutes, if possible. Remove cover and brew basket and then always replace cover over coffee liner. Rinse out muslin leecher bag and store in cold water until ready to use. Keep the thermostat dial at the HOLD position during all standby periods so that the urn is ready to brew coffee  at  any  time,  with  no  waiting. Merely  turn thermostat to the BREW position so the pilot light lights up  during  brewing. During  shutoff  periods,  turn thermostat to OFF. After all night or weekend shutoff, a minimum of at least 55 minutes is required to obtain the proper brewing temperature. On twin models, water for tea may be drawn from center faucet. Manual refill is required unless equipped with auto refill. Care and Cleaning of a Coffee Urn The procedures used in caring for and cleaning a coffee urn are as follows: 1. Always rinse urn immediately after each use. 2. Add small quantity of hot water, brush sides, and rinse with hot water until it runs clean. Urn is now ready for next batch. 3. At end of each day clean and brush urn several times and then rinse thoroughly with hot water. 4-26 4. Remove cleanout cap at end of coffee faucet (or take apart faucets that have no caps) and scrub pipe leading  to  center  of  urn.    Clean urn gauge glass with brush  and  urn  cleaner.  Rinse  thoroughly. 5. Scrub the faucet and then rinse it thoroughly with hot water. 6. Place a gallon or more of fresh water in urn until next  use. 7.  Remove  cover  and  clean.  Replace  cover  and leave  partly  open. 8. Always remember to empty and rinse the urn with hot water before using again. NOTE: On automatic urns, use any of the BREW, START, STOP, or RINSE switches to spray scalding hot water  into  the  liner  for  cleaning  and  rinsing.  On Pour-over urns, draw hot water directly from urn. Make sure urn water tank is kept nearly full and the heat is on. Destaining a Coffee Urn The procedures for destaining coffee urns are as follows: 1. Fill urn with destaining compound solution. Fill urn  with  water  175°F.  Add  destaining  compound  (stain remover,  tableware,  in  this  ratio:  2  tablespoons  per  5 gallons  of  water  or  as  directed  by  manufacturer). 2.  Draw  off  mixture  and  repour.  Open  spigot  and draw off 1 gallon; thoroughly remix to allow mixture to come into faucet. Allow solution to stand for 1 hour at 170°F to 180°F. Stir occasionally. 3.  Scrub  urn  liner  and  gauge  glass.  Use long-handled brush to loosen scales. 4. Clean faucet. Take faucet valve apart and clean all components. Soak in hot water until reassembled. 5. Rinse and reassemble faucet valve. Rinse urn liner three or four times carefully with hot water. Repeat until all traces of compound are removed. Operation and Care of an Automatic Coffee Maker The automatic coffee maker is designed to brew fresh  coffee  under  strict,  sanitary  conditions.  Each coffee maker is made in units, and each unit may contain four or five burners set in a single or double deck. The coffee  maker  has  the  ON/OFF  switches  and  the  head control switches on the front. Glass or metal bowl

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