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Page Title: Iced Tea Dispenser
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Care and Cleaning of a Coffee Urn
Mess Management Specialist 3 & 2 - Military manual for maintaining a mess hall
Noncarbonated Beverage Dispensers
containers are supplied for the actual brewing of the coffee. Automatic  coffee  makers  let  you  pour  fresh  water into a reservoir at the top of the device to obtain the same amount   of   hot   coffee. In   some   models,   gravity displacement of preheated hot water by cold water is the working rule. In others, water is brought to a boil before brewing  a  batch  of  coffee. In using an automatic coffee maker, there are two phases in making coffee, preheating and brewing. The preheating  phase  consists  of  the  following  steps.  Slide the brewing chamber under the spray head and place an empty decanter under it. Then open the top cover and pour  two  decanters  of  cold  water  in  the  reservoir. Replace cover. Make sure to plug into electric outlet of the  correct  voltage  (specified  on  the  nameplate  of device). It should be noted that the two decanters of cold water  should  be  poured  in  before  connecting  the  plug. Preheat time is usually 18 minutes, and a signal light will turn on when the water reaches the proper brewing temperature. Brewing  good  coffee  requires  skill,  technique,  and the  experience  of  the  skilled  foodservice  specialist.  To properly brew coffee, remove the brewing chamber and place one paper filter in it.   Add  required  amount  of  the recommended coffee grind. Check to be sure the coffee is evenly leveled before replacing brewing chamber. After the preheating phase, add a decanter of cold water to  the  reservoir.  Coffee  will  immediately  start  to  brew and flow into the decanter under the brewing chamber. When the flow stops, you are ready to serve. The  simple  care  of  your  equipment  makes  an important  contribution  to  the  excellence  of  your  coffee service and efficient use of energy. All parts of the brewer that come into contact with the coffee and coffee vapor should be kept immaculately clean. Decanters, for example, should be thoroughly cleansed and rinsed free of detergent after each use. Spray  heads  should  be  checked  regularly  for  traces  of lime  or  other  deposits  in  or  around  the  holes.  It  is important to keep them clean. Paper filters should never be reused as they can pick up  odors  from  other  foods.  Discard  after  each  brewing process.  Be  careful  where  you  store  them. Cloth  filters  should  be  rinsed  after  each  brew  and stored overnight in a vessel of fresh cold water. Replace cloth  filters  often  to  ensure  good-tasting  coffee.  A simple  sniff  test  should  tell  you  when  it  is  time  to change. New cloth filters should be cleaned and rinsed in very hot water to remove sizing (starch) and cloth odors. Do not use soap, bleaches, or detergents since they transfer  flavors. If you brew in sealed filter bags with a stainless steel filter screen, rinse out the holding cartridge and screen daily.  Once  a  week  soak  the  screen  overnight  in  a solution of urn cleaner and rinse thoroughly before reusing. ICED TEA DISPENSER The iced tea dispenser is used with instant powdered tea  and  provides  a  convenient  method  of  serving  iced tea at meals. Operation Instant tea comes in a sealed jar, ready for use in the dispenser. To get the machine in operation use the following   procedures: 1. 2. 3. 4. Remove lid and seal from instant tea jar. Replace  with  dispensing  funnel  by  screwing  it on firmly. Do not touch internal components of funnel  assembly. Insert jar and funnel in tea dispenser. It is now ready  for  operation. To operate, fill a glass with ice and place it directly under the spout. Press the glass lightly against the actuator and hold until glass is filled. The  tea  dispenser  is  preset  to  produce  a  beverage suitable for the average consumer but can be adjusted to produce  stronger  or  weaker  tea. Cleaning Remove  bottle  and  funnel  assembly  by  sliding straight out of coil shield hole, then remove funnel assembly  from  jar.  Using  the  two-pan  method,  wipe  the exterior  components.  Empty  the  drip  pans.  Wash  the drip pan and the grill with mild detergent and warm water. Do not soak plastic parts in hot water or wash in dishwashing  machine. To prevent gumming of the instant tea dispenser, make sure all component parts are thoroughly dry before inserting anew bottle of tea. The machine should be cleaned after each meal. 4-27

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