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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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Assignment Questions - 14167_197
Naval Safety Supervisor - Military manual on safety practices
Assignment Questions - 14167_199
1-34. To develop recommendations for policy in safety matters and to analyze the progress of the overall safety program, the ship’s Safety Council convenes how often? 1. Quarterly 2. Monthly 3. Weekly 4. Daily 1–35. Ships with less than 300 crew members may incorporate the Enlisted Safety Committee into the Safety  Council. 1. True 2. False 1-36. What is the primary goal of any safety program? 1. To place safety violators on report 2. To enhance operational readiness 3. To eliminate all accidents 4. To predict all accidents 1-37. The Federal Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health (FACOSH)  acts  in  an  advisory capacity to which of the following personnel? 1. Secretary  of  Labor 2. Chief of Naval Education and Training 3. Secretary of Defense 4. The Vice President of the United  States 1-38. Which of the following personnel would normally be assigned as the aeromedical safety officer? 1. Flight  surgeon 2. Aviation   officer 3. Air operations officer 4. Physical fitness coordinator 1-39. The Enlisted Aviation Safety Committee meets at least how often? 1. Once a month 2. Twice a month 3. Three  times  a  year 4. Four” times a year 1-40. You can find onboard training materials as well as lists of training aids and formal safety courses for most required training in  which  of  the  following publications? 1. NAVEDTRA 10238-A 2. NAVEDTRA 10293 3. NAVEDTRA 113-A 4. NAVEDTRA  10074 1-41. Safety training is accomplished by which of the following means? 1. On-the-job training and general military training 2. Indoctrination training and formal safety courses 3. Safety standdowns and safety surveys 4. All of the above 1-42. Indoctrination training on the command’s overall NAVOSH Program is required by which of the following instructions? 1. OPNAVINST 5100.23C 2. OPNAVINST 5100.19B 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. OPNAVINST 1500.71 1-43. Which of the following publications contains NAVOSH lesson guides? 1. NAVEDTRA  10074 2. NAVEDTRA  12061 3. NAVEDTRA  12971 4. NAVEDTRA  12964 1–44  . What is the best time of the day to conduct training? 1. Early in the day 2. After  sundown 3. Just before liberty call 4. After  lunch 1-45. A person who is cold, hot, hungry, or tired has what type of need? 1. Psychological 2. Physiological 3. Social 4. Ego 4

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