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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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Assignment Questions - 14167_224
Naval Safety Supervisor - Military manual on safety practices
Assignment Questions - 14167_226
5–18. The Navy Traffic Safety Program is not applicable to a person who drives an off-road motorcycle while off–duty. 1. True 2. False 5-19. Noncompliance with the Navy Traffic Safety Program can result in which of the following immediate actions by the Navy? 1. Revocation of driving license 2. Discharge from military service 3. Reduced wages and compensation 4. Nonpayment of medical bills for sustained injuries 5–20. You should wear a safety belt when riding in a motor vehicle in which of the following locations? 1. Off military bases only 2. On military bases only 3. Off military bases within the United States only 4. Off base, whether in the United States or overseas, and on all military bases 5-21. To qualify to drive Navy police vehicles, ambulances, and  crash  and rescue vehicles, you must take what safety course? 1. ATV Safety Institute Rider Course 2. AAA Driver Improvement Course 3. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s EVOC 4. Motor Vehicle Emergency Safety Course 5-22. What is the leading cause of motor– vehicle–related deaths and injuries? 1. Fatigue 2. Alcohol 3. Inexperience 4. Faulty equipment 5-23. Which of the following precautions should you take when jogging on roads  and  streets? 1. Jog facing traffic 2. Jog with the traffic 3. Wear dark–colored clothing 4. Always use portable headphones 5-24. All naval personnel operating mopeds, on or off base, are required to complete which of the following safety programs? 1. A motor vehicle safety course 2. AAA driver improvement course 3. National highway traffic safety course 4. A motorcycle safety program course 5-25. What instruction deals with recreation, athletics, and home safety? 1. OPNAVINST 5100.19B 2. OPNAVINST 5100.23C 3. OPNAVINST 5100.25A 4. NAVSAFECEN 5102/30 5-26. The Navy Recreation, Athletics, and Home Safety Program applies to which of the following groups of people? 1. Military dependents on base only 2. Military personnel off duty only 3. Military personnel on duty only 4. All of the above 5-27. At least how often should military personnel receive training on recreation, athletics, and home safety? 1. Annually 2. Semiannually 3. Daily 4. Quarterly 31

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