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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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Assignment Questions - 14167_225
Naval Safety Supervisor - Military manual on safety practices
Assignment Questions - 14167_227
5-28. Whether a customer is qualified to operate hobby shop tools and equipment is determined by which of the follouing persons? 1. The public relations officer 2. The MWR staff member 3. The medical officer 4. The safety officer 5–29. You want to paint your truck in the auto hobby shop. The MWR employee should provide you with a written advisory about which of the following information? 1. The hazards associated with spray painting 2. The chemical composition of the paint 3. Medical emergency procedures 4. The area clean-up procedure 5–30. Which of the following documents proves you are qualified to operate a  watercraft? 1. A basic boat operation card 2. U.S. Coast Guard small boat safety course completion certificate 3. A  boat  license 4. A valid driver’s license 5-31. Command training records should be maintained for a minimum of how many years? 1. Five 2. Two 3. Three 4. Four 5–32. What instruction governs the inspection of base swimming pools? 1. NMPCINST  1710.6A 2. OPNAVINST 5100.19B 3. OPNAVINST   5100.23C 4. SECNAVINST 5100.10G 5-33. Who is responsible for educating personnel on off-duty hazards and the importance of PPE in sports? 1. Division officer 2. Safety officer 3. RAHS Program manager 4. MWR  officer 5-34. Many athletic injuries can be prevented by which of the following protective  measures? 1. Conditioning and training 2. Choosing the best athletes only 3. Controlling the amount of alcohol  use 4. Limiting the number of participants 5-35. In competitive team play. who should be aware of the physical differences of the players? 1. The medical representative 2. The  coach 3. The players 4. The recreation officer 5-36. Which of the following responsibilities do you have as a participant in an athletic event? 1. To win at all costs 2. To exceed your capabilities 3. To protect yourself from injury 4. To push yourself to the limit 5–37. Which of the following recreational activities is considered the most deadly? 1. Racquet sports 2. Ice  sports 3. Water sports 4. Football 5–38. Which of the following recreational mishaps is the leading killer of Navy people? 1. Drowning 2. Accidental discharge of a firearm during hunting 3. Head injuries from boxing 4. Head injuries from bicycling 32

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