Quantcast Off-Ship Reportable Mishaps

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Page Title: Off-Ship Reportable Mishaps
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Afloat Reportable Mishaps
Naval Safety Supervisor - Military manual on safety practices
Summary - 14167_127
– All cases of electric shock. –  All  cases  of  toxic,  hazardous  chemical,  or hazardous   material   exposure   requiring medical  attention. –   All   cases   of   oxygen   deficiency   requiring medical  attention. –  All  cases  of  back  injury  requiring  medical attention. – All mishaps involving explosives, oxidizers, incendiaries,  explosive  systems,  or  chemical warfare   agents.   They   include   mishaps resulting  from  the  detonation,  accidental launch,  malfunction,  dangerous  defect,  or improper handling of a weapon; damage to a launching device; a weapon impact off-range; or  any  other  unusual  or  unexpected  weapons- related  occurrence.  They  are  reported  using the  information  and  format  provided  in  OP- NAVINST  5100.21B.  An  explosive  mishap that meets the criteria for an afloat Class A mishap requires a formal mishap investigation and the submission of an MIR. OFF-SHIP REPORTABLE MISHAPS Mishaps that occur off ship (on or off duty) are normally   reported   using   OPNAVINST   5100.21B. However, mishap investigation boards are not required for  off-ship  fatalities.  Off-ship  mishaps  include  home, athletics, recreation, motor vehicle, and diving mishaps. They are reportable as follows, based on OPNAVINST 5100.21B: Report off-duty mishaps resulting in a fatality, 5 or more lost workday injuries, or greater than $10,000 government property damage to the NAVSAFECEN using  a  Recreation,  Athletics,  and  Home  Safety  (RAHS) Report. Enclosure (10) of OPNAVINST 5100.21B gives the format for this report. Bicycle,   pedestrian,   motorcycle,   and   motor vehicle mishaps involving a fatality, 5 or more lost workday  injuries,  or  greater  than  $2,000  government property  damage  are  reportable  to  the  NAVSAFECEN. Enclosure (8) of OPNAVINST 5100.21B contains the format for this report. Off-duty diving mishaps are reportable if they involve  a  fatality,  5  or  more  lost  workdays  because  of injury, or the need for hyperbaaaric treatment. Submit a diving  mishap  report  for  recreational  diving  mishaps that  do  not  require  hyperbaric  treatment.  Enclosure  (7) of  OPNAVINST  5100.21B  gives  the  format  for  the diving  mishap  report. Other  than  Class  A  mishaps,  reportable  and special-case  mishaps  are  the  responsibility  of  shipboard personnel to investigate. The safety officer conducts an informal mishap investigation, as discussed in chapter 4. The safety officer has 30 days from the time of the mishap to submit the appropriate report. Shipboard mishaps involving other civilian or foreign personnel are  not  reportable  under  OPNAVINST  5100.21B.  You may request guidance from COMNAVSAFECEN on mishap  investigation  and  reporting  requirements. PRIVILEGED  INFORMATION Since  a  thorough  safety  mishap  investigation  cannot be conducted if the witnesses are afraid or reluctant to provide information, they are assured that the board will keep their testimony in confidence. Since the MIR is a limited-use  report  that  is  not  releasable  under  the Freedomn of Information Act (FOIA), we can protect witness testimony and other mishap board deliberations from being used for other than safety purposes. We call this  protected  information  “privileged”  information.  We discussed  privileged  information  in  more  detail  in chapter 4. MISHAP INVESTIGATION BOARDS Superiors in the chain of command appoint a formal mishap investigation hoard to investigate all afloat Class A mishaps on surface ships. The board consists of at least  three  members.  The  immediate  superior  in command (ISIC) of the ship or craft involved in the mishap appoints the senior member of the board. These board  are  appointed  in  writing  and  will  include  a medical member if the mishap involved a fatality or injury. COMNAVSAFECEN sends a mishap investigation advisor to help each board. This advisor is not a member of the board, but assists the board in conducting the investigation. The board may also request technical assistance,  such  as  technical  representatives  and forensic experts. Technical assistants are not members of the board. The  mishap  investigation  boards  submit  findings and  recommendations  in  an  MIR.  An  MIR  is  a limited -use report written by a mishap investigation 7-12

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