Quantcast Special Investigations for Shore Mishaps

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Page Title: Special Investigations for Shore Mishaps
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Reportable Shore Mishaps
Naval Safety Supervisor - Military manual on safety practices
Summary - 14167_113
Chemical   or   toxic   exposure   or   an   oxygen deficiency requiring medical examination or attention. A student mishap at a training command that results in any interruption or cessation of formal training in which at least 1 day of instruction is lost or the student is rolled back or disenrolled from the course. A   contractor   mishap  caused  by  contractor operations   that   results   in   reportable   injury   or occupational  illness  to  military  or  on-duty  civilian personnel. Fires, injuries, and fatalities associated with fires. Material  (property)  damage  occurring  ashore involving a repair or replacement cost of $10,000 or more  as  a  result  of  a  mishap.  Cost  of  repair  or replacement includes cost of labor; all DOD man-hours will be computed at $16 per hour for that purpose. Examples  of  reportable  mishaps  are  those  involving  the improper  operation  or  maintenance  of  equipment, improper   ashore   cargo   handling,   and   equipment casualties caused by electrical faults. Damage to small craft and service craft assigned to a shore activity is also reportable. Explosive  and  conventional  ordnance  mishaps. DOD  motor  vehicle  mishaps  involving  collisions with other vehicles; pedestrians or bicyclists struck by a  motor  vehicle  or  other  objects;  personal  injury  or property damage caused by cargo shifting in a moving vehicle; personal injury in moving vehicles or from falls from moving vehicles; towing or pushing mishaps; and other injury or property damage when on or more of the  following  conditions  result: 1. At least $2,000 property damage 2. A fatality or lost-time injury (5 or more lost workdays) 3. A fatality or injury requiring treatment greater than  first  aid  to  non-DOD  personnel A  traffic  mishap  that  does  not  involve  a government motor vehicle but results in a fatality or lost-time injury (5 or more lost workdays) to military personnel  or  to  on-duty  DOD  civilian  personnel  or results  in  $2,000  damage  to  DOD  property.  Collisions involving pedestrians or bicyclists struck by a motor vehicle and other objects are to be included if reporting requirements  are  met. 6-10 Off-duty, recreation, athletic, and home mishaps. (Chapter  11  of  this  manual  covers  the  Recreation, Athletics, and Home Safety Program.) Diving   mishaps  if  they  result  in  a  fatality— regardless of the time between the diving incident and death  or  whether  hyperbaric  treatment-recompression therapy was conducted as a result of aviation bends or a diving mishap—or any diving injury that results in 5 or more lost workdays. An  exception  to  these  shore  mishap  reporting requirements is made for aircraft and aviation accidents. Chapter 8 of this training manual covers naval aviation safety. Special Investigations for Shore Mishaps If an occupational on-duty shore mishap results in a fatality or hospitalization of five or more persons, the responsible   echelon   2   command   initiates   an investigation  within  48  hours  of  notification  of  the mishap.   The   echelon   2   command   establishes   an investigative team to examine the cause of the mishap and recommend corrective action. The leader of this team  may  be  either  from  headquarters  or  from  a subordinate command other than the mishap activity, This  team  leader  must  be  a  senior  line  officer  (O-5  or above)  or  an  OSH  professional.  The  Naval  Safety Center   may   also   provide   a   team   member.   An investigation is not required for motor vehicle mishaps or  for  mishaps  exclusively  involving  contractor personnel. The mishap investigation team reports its findings to the Naval Safety Center, Chief of Naval Operations (N9),  and  the  chain  of  command  in  a  detailed  For Official Use Only mishap report. Formats  for  Reporting  Shore  Mishaps The five formats for reporting shore mishaps, as provided  in  OPNAVINST  5102.1C,  are  as  follows. Diving  Mishap/Hyperbaric  Treatment/Death Report,  OPNAV  5102-5 Explosive  Mishap  Report  (EMR)/Conventional Ordnance   Deficiency   Report   (CODR), DD-FM&P(AR)  1020(5102) Motor  Vehicle  Mishap  Report,  OPNAV  5102-4 OPNAV Safety Report (SR), OPNAV 5102/9 (for personnel  injury  and  material  damage)

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